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Tanya Danielle

Palo Alto, CA. USA

About Tanya Danielle

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Around the turn of the millennium, porno fans everywhere were blessed with the delivery of the smoothest MILF known to man: Tanya Danielle. She’s the dreamy blonde bombshell we’ve all been having soaking wet dreams about since before we knew what masturbation was. Tanya oozes sex, from her thick-lipped red mouth to her shiny magical slit, with her narrow coiffed bush. This girl’s melons are so sweet and juicy that diabetics should be careful when fantasizing about sucking on them. She had her already awesome jugs enhanced to Double Ds as a testament to the artistry of her naked body and her dedication to Grade A smut. Tanya grew up in a small city not far from San Francisco. Tanya railed against what she considered narrow-minded middle-class manners, and took an active interest in the powers of her naked body and the forces of sexual attraction. She was at college in SoCal when she realized she needed more independence, and so she found work stripping to get it. This led to Tanya’s decision to drop out of college – which would’ve led to a dead-end job anyway – and pursue her dreams. One of her dreams was to learn the art of pussy worshipping, and to get the sexiest teen chicks and MILFs to spend hours honoring her glorious fuck hole. Tanya quickly built up a credit of over 350 movies… with billions of pussies satisfied.

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