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Evelyn Claire


About Evelyn Claire

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Evelyn Claire’s foray into adult film began in 2017 with noted porn producer Greg Lansky, and Ms. Claire has remained at the forefront of premium adult entertainment ever since, putting out many top XXX films. She has described herself as a bubbly, easy-to-be-with, ‘put me in coach’ type of personality. Evelyn Claire's first scenes arrived on Vixen.com, followed shortly by Blacked, BlackedRAW, and Deeper.com (formerly Trenchcoatx). She remained independent as a camgirl/porn talent for the first two years of being involved in professional adult film, and eventually became a SpieglerGirl in April 2019. Evelyn’s favorite sex position is: laying on her stomach, getting fucked from behind (so that her partner has easy access to her amazing body). That said, she enjoys any position that promotes penetration deep in her core. She also loves being teased with the weight of the fingertips, dirty whispers and neck-biting – anything that facilitates orgasmic shivers and tension. A delightfully devious personality, Claire is always looking for ways to distract others. As a vegetarian, many of her favorite foods are noodle-based. The Caucasian pornstar has long raven-black hair and a flawless 32A-26-36 body. She has lots of cool tattoos, which all appear on the left side of her body: ‘Est 1996’ under her breast, three raven skulls on her forearm, dots in groups of three on her fingers and wrist, a bottle with poppies on her bicep, stick & poke arrows, hearts and a ‘Q’ on her toes and ankle. She does not have any piercings. Evelyn's ancestry stems from Irish/British roots, but she was born in the Pacific Northwest, making her an All-American West Coast Sweetheart. Evelyn can easily embody the cute-girl-next-door vibe, or the dark and mysterious mistress of the night, with her gleaming pale skin and classic Old Hollywood features. It’s obvious why Claire's figure can easily be recognized even when heavily pixelated. She enthusiastically plays horny college girls in a variety of her porn scenes. Evelyn has the pleasure of performing with the best of the best, thanks to recent roles in films put out by prominent companies like Blacked, Jules Jordan Video, and Vixen. Some movies that Evelyn Claire has been featured in include: “Blacked Raw VI”, “Trashy Love Story”, and “My Hot Girlfriend's Adventures On Vacation”. In addition to her kink of being captured on camera in her most vulnerable state, Evelyn is also an artist, director, live-streamer, and stylist. She has been recognized for her portraiture, paintings and sketches, and dreams of having a gallery showcase in the future. It's not uncommon to see Evelyn broadcasting live for her subscribers, either. Whether she’s sharing IRL adventures or art streams, fans have the opportunity to tag along with her and get to know her beyond the domain of scripted movies. Evelyn is turned on by people who take a genuine interest in her and what she thinks. Be a good listener and you’ll be appreciated. Growing up, Miss Claire was active in drama classes, which might explain why she is so fantastic in roleplay scenes. A fresh talent recognized by prominent networks, directors, adoring fans and XXX film critics, Evelyn Claire is guaranteed to be in many award-winning films yet to come!

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