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FeetFinder Getting a 'Pedicure' With Major Site Redesign

FeetFinder Getting a 'Pedicure' With Major Site Redesign
Posted in Press Releases on 6/7/2021

SEATTLE — FeetFinder.com has announced a major redesign of their website set to debut at the end of the month.

“FeetFinder.com is getting a pedicure,” noted a rep.

The site has been making improvements over the last six months. "But they’re always looking for ways to make the seller and buyer experience even better," the rep added. "Buyers and sellers can look forward to a new sleek, modern design that will be much easier to navigate and will be both mobile- and desktop-compatible."

Buyers can now follow models and will be alerted when new content is uploaded, making it easier for buyers to view the new content quickly and purchase it. Sellers will have access to a new gallery feature that’s similar to Instagram, allowing buyers see preview and sample photos, which, the rep said, “should increase sales for sellers.”

The site will also have a new feed that will allow buyers to easily filter sellers by "subscribers" and "favorites" and have a new "explore" option.

“This ‘pedicure’ is a long time coming,” FeetFinder Owner Patrick said. “We’ve been planning the redesign and new features for months, and we’re taking our time rolling it out to make sure everything integrates well. We’re very excited for sellers and buyers to enjoy all the new features.”

To sign up, visit FeetFinder.com and follow he company on Twitter.

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