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FSC Incorporates PASS As a Separate Nonprofit

FSC Incorporates PASS As a Separate Nonprofit
Posted in Industry News on 5/28/2021

LOS ANGELES — Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has announced they have incorporated testing database Performer Availability Screening Service (PASS) as a separate legal entity "to allow PASS to grow in a direction focused on individual health and wellbeing."

PASS began operation as a separate nonprofit organization this month with its own board, mission and bylaws. PASS will be led by Executive Director Ian O'Brien, who will leave his position as Deputy Executive Director of FSC.

The FSC statement reads as follows:

"FSC assumed management of industry testing out of necessity after the closure of AIM in 2009,” said Michelle L. LeBlanc, CEO of FSC. “PASS has grown steadily over the past 12 years. We built the database, determined testing protocols and established the Performer Subsidy Fund. The challenges of the past year made it clear that the industry needs an organization focused exclusively on the health and safety of talent and crew. This will allow PASS to accelerate its growth to better serve our community.

PASS will oversee the testing database and protocols, work to improve the health and safety of performers in the adult industry, and serve as an advocate for the industry protocols in regulatory and legislative venues.

Though a separate entity, PASS will still work alongside FSC on relevant issues and share some administrative resources.

“This past year has highlighted both the value and vulnerabilities of our health systems,” O’Brien said. “As an independent organization, PASS can prioritize performer and crew wellbeing and expand the resources and services we can provide the industry — starting with the launch of our website and an update to the PASS database.”

PASS’s new board of directors will be specifically tailored to address issues of health and safety. Performer and porn health researcher Valerie Webber, who is currently writing her PhD dissertation on issues of adult performer health, will serve PASS as Board Chair.

“The industry has been shifting for quite some time now, even more so in the wake of COVID-19,” said Webber. “I’m excited to join PASS and work to build an organization that creatively meets the needs of this new porno landscape. As the main trade organization, FSC remains committed to defending the rights of adult companies and professionals, and can better focus on the threats facing the industry today, including government and corporate censorship, discriminatory regulation, and billing and banking issues. By concentrating its focus, FSC can more effectively provide the resources and support needed for its members to thrive."

For more information, visit FreeSpeechCoalition.com.

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