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Cuckold's Plight 2

Cuckold's Plight 2

Cuckold's Plight is back with another star-packed collection of calculating tales from Deeper.com. Isiah throws Lacy's boyfriend in the trunk to keep him from distracting them. Rocky swears to Mick she hasn't cheated on him as she stands in a room surrounded with evidence to the contrary. Seth underestimates the power of the women who domme him as first Gianna and then his ex-wife turn his game on its head. Once again, the lines increasingly blur between aversion and arousal, jealousy and compersion, frustration and satisfaction.

Director Kayden Kross returns to the world of the cuckold kink with four new stories featuring some of the industry’s most popular talent. For those not in the know, cuckolding is a term used to describe a scenario in which a partner (usually the husband or boyfriend) is forced to watch his wife/girlfriend be fucked by another man. There’s something exciting about watching your woman be pleasured by another, more virile man, and movies like this explore that fantasy in depth. The stories are intense and the cast is top-notch, as well as diverse. I think the strongest thing in this movie is the amount of power that rests with the women, and how they apply that power to their individual situations. Regardless of what actions the audience is seeing onscreen, every female character in the movie is choosing the exact path to sexual pleasure they want.

Rocky Emerson and Mick Blue:

Leggy brunette Rocky Emerson is dissatisfied with her sexual relationship with Mick Blue, who spends all his time working and not paying attention to her. The scene opens with someone leaving her naked in bed, making a cup of coffee and exiting the hotel room. Rocky drags herself out of bed, clearly unsatisfied, and disposes of the used condom on the floor.

Later that evening, Mick returns to the hotel and Rocky begs him to do something with her, but he cites fatigue and opts instead to take a shower and have a soothing cup of coffee. But when Mick notices someone has drank the coffee while he was out (it can’t be Rocky, because she doesn’t drink coffee) his long-standing suspicions rear their head. Completely distraught at the thought of Rocky cheating on him, Mick laments everything about their relationship, while Rocky uses her sexual wiles to seduce Mick into bed, assuring him that nothing is going on.

The entire encounter drips with manipulation and frustration, as Mick continually tries to free himself from Rocky’s temptations while Rocky relentlessly seduces Mick and breaks his resolve by offering him her body. The tension between them is electric and the shifting power dynamic between them is very well done. The way Mick shoves Rocky away constantly at the start, the way she calls him back to her simply by opening her lithe, tattooed body … the way he passes the power to her unwittingly as he succumbs to her advances … it’s all great work.

The highlight of the sex is by far the missionary in which he folds Rocky’s leg to the side and cradles her face as he thrusts into her desperately. The scene ends with Rocky, satisfied not only at having gotten away with infidelity, but gotten exactly what she’d been craving from Mick as well.

Charlotte Sartre and Seth Gamble:

Seth Gamble wakes up in a chair in his hotel room, hands cuffed behind his back and unaware what happened. Desperate, he calls his ex-wife Charlotte Sartre to come free him. She reluctantly agrees, but instead of leaving Seth to stew in his embarrassment afterwards, she sticks around to taunt him. She makes it clear that she knows he hired a domme in the hopes of seducing her. Charlotte knows he gets off on the challenge, and his fragile manhood has been shattered by the fact that this woman he intended to subdue actually outmaneuvered him and left him helpless on the battlefield.

Her taunting drives Seth over the edge and he pounces on her like a predator at the culmination of a successful hunt. Seth is aggressive and merciless as he pounds Charlotte every which way, exacting his revenge for his defeat at the hands of the domme on his antagonistic ex-wife. The sex is intense and has a strong duality to it. For Seth, it’s all about recapturing and asserting his dominance while Charlotte is reveling in the sexual fervor of being used by her former husband. Both performers play this narrative perfectly, and the anal creampie climax is the perfect ending for this story.

Gianna Dior, Jax Slayher and Seth Gamble:

I really liked the fact that the movie presents the “sequel” first. There was no real reason for it other than to create narrative tension, but it certainly created narrative tension! Going back in time to see how Seth Gamble found himself in the situation he was in, was a great storytelling choice. Gianna Dior is stoic, callous and dismissive of everything about Seth. She informs him that nothing about what’s about to happen is for him, but rather for her. As Seth begins to caress Gianna’s body hungrily, the audience can feel his anticipation, and the music accompanying the sequence heightens the feeling exponentially.

Then, out of nowhere, Gianna rips the proverbial rug out from both Seth and the audience by handcuffing and blindfolding him, sitting him in a chair and bringing in stud Jax Slayher to give her the big cock she told Seth she was craving. Stunned and humiliated, Seth demands to be freed, but to no avail. Slayher pumps Dior deep and passionately, especially while laying on top of her from behind. What a sexy position! The way he whispered in her ear while she looked at a pitiful Seth cuffed in the chair? The way he folded her up in a full nelson like origami? Perfect fantasy play. Afterwards, Gianna removes Seth’s blindfold (leaving his cuffs intact), allowing him to see her gloriously nude, cum-soaked, untouchable body, taking her massive payment, then leaving.

Lacy Lennon and Isiah Maxwell:

What an unexpected opening for this one! We open with the luscious Lacy Lennon smothering a meek man’s face with her feet smugly while he begs for more. In a departure from the other tales in the film, Lacy narrates her situation to the audience, explaining to us how a woman controls a man, and the particular weakness of this specific man (a classic car he affectionately calls Baby Blue). Because of the value he places in his car, Lacy chooses that very car to fuck the handsome Isiah Maxwell.

When the cuck arrives and offers a meager protest, Maxwell tapes his hands and mouth and dumps him unceremoniously into the trunk where he can “witness” all the ways his precious car is about to be defiled. Lacy is such a fun watch. Watching her quiver with ecstasy as Maxwell munches on her box is fantastic, and the way her slender frame looks gyrating on his dick is great.

The creamy finish is not only hot, but builds on the whole cuck fantasy. Case in point, after fucking all over the cuck’s car and having her pussy filled with Maxwell’s seed, she struts around to the trunk, opens it and scoffs, “Are you gonna clean this out or what?” to the poor guy. One can only guess at what she means, but it’s probably something emasculating.

The world of cuckolding is something not often broached in the porn I watch. It was nice to see this subject matter handled in a way that included more depth than just a poor sap watching some giant guy fuck his woman to pieces. I was especially impressed with the opening scene, because Mick Blue finds himself in a cuck situation without actually having the other guy present. I thought that was a very unique take on the genre and I applaud Kross’ creativity. I also really liked the middle story’s presentation. Splitting it into two episodes and presenting the falling action of the story before the climax was a very intriguing choice that really worked for me. Nice work by everyone involved, and fans should find themselves quite satisfied adding this to their collections.