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Alpha Male

Alpha Male

Toby (Robby Echo) and his girlfriend Crystal (Whitney Wright) arrive at his father's house to do some studying. Crystal hasn't met his father, Hunter (Stirling Cooper) yet, and Toby was more than happy to keep it that way. To him, Hunter is abrasive and a complete pig. But when Hunter struts into view moments later, she's suddenly hit with just HOW fine Hunter is.

Bree Mills produces two tales of torrid family affairs from the twisted mind of writer Midnight, under the expert direction of Joanna Angel.

“Alpha Male” (Whitney Wright, Stirling Cooper and Robby Echo):

The first story is firmly a cuckold scene hidden inside a strongly executed narrative. As a fan of feature porn, I’ve always said all these fetish scenes could be much stronger if they were accompanied by stronger narratives, and this scene is a perfect example of that. Toby (Echo) and Crystal (Wright) are visiting Toby’s dad Hunter (Cooper) for the weekend. It’s the first time the young couple has visited, and both feel a strong sense of foreboding, but for much different reasons. Crystal is worried that Toby’s dad won’t like her and is desperate to make a good impression, while Toby is worried that his father’s crass nature will make Crystal uncomfortable.

The director does a great job of establishing everyone’s place in the story right from the start using some pretty subtle techniques. A big one is the way Hunter doesn’t even look at Toby when he meets Crystal. Everything is about him leering at her like she’s prey, while completely dismissing the other potential suitor because he’s not a threat.

The cast also does a great job creating this tension. Cooper’s voice practically booms across the room and makes his presence larger than life. You can see Wright shrink into herself slightly when Cooper speaks, while Echo often hangs his head in defeat. These are small performance details that enhance the story being told tenfold and this type of attention to detail is what elevates feature porn. Robby Echo pulls off the best acting performance I’ve ever seen from him when he catches Crystal and Hunter fucking and proves that he’s got some range.

The sex is nasty and very precise in its focus. Crystal wants to be used, Hunter has no problem doing so, and Toby has to do his best to grow up or risk getting pushed aside forever. During the sex, Hunter offers Toby a chance to step into proverbial manhood, but when Toby can’t make the leap, Hunter settles into his role as the alpha for good. This turns into the complete annihilation of Crystal’s body, in the form of a rousing DP, that she’s been craving, and an awakening within her that changes her relationship with Toby. This becomes apparent at the close of the scene and it’s extremely well done.

“Family Barbecue” (Whitney Wright, Steve Holmes, Small Hands, Jake Adams and Nathan Bronson):

Penny (Wright) is spending the summer with her uncle Jonas to get a break from her current situation. School has been tough, and being around family has always made her comfortable. When Jonas brings her to the trailer, she meets her cousins Damian (Hands), Shawn (Bronson) and Peter (Adams). The more time she spends at the barbecue, the more uncomfortable she becomes as the guys get more handsy, the innuendoes get more overt, and it becomes more clear that the women of the family are purposely absent. Penny tries to escape the situation, but after some coaxing from her “trustworthy” uncle, she relents (against her better judgement), and succumbs to the vile advances of her family. Under Jonas’s guidance, Penny loses her innocence in a whirlwind of patriarchal manipulation.

Again, the movie takes the ever popular faux-cest trend in porn and works to put a cohesive story around it. It takes its time to create tension (really playing on the violation of Penny’s innocence), which creates a very specific tone for the sex. It’s much harder to separate these characters from the sex once all the dicks come out because so much time is spent embedding the characters in the audience’s mind. So even though the sex is scalding (holy cow does Whitney get ravished and look damn fine doing so), there’s still that lump in the pit of the viewer’s stomach that feels … dirty. Which of course, is exactly the sensation the director is hoping to create. This entire scene is a whirlwind of dicks in and around Whitney, with her hands, pussy and mouth full almost every moment. She gets drowned in cum at the end and the visual is going to stay in the dirty corners of the minds of viewers for a long time.

This movie really embraces the social taboo of family sex. There’s no direct incest, but boy oh boy is that kink still served here. Writer Midnight pens two really strong stories to support the sex, and the cast all do a pretty good job (particularly Stirling Cooper and Robby Echo), in bringing the stories to life. The director absolutely nails the physical destruction of Penny in the second story, taking her from a curly-haired, innocent virgin, to a used-looking plaything that is callously discarded. This is a good view for anyone who loves kink.