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Kayden Kross presents four scenes that push the boundaries of sex in ways that will make vanilla sex lovers tremble.

Kayden Kross presents four scenes that push the boundaries of sex in ways that will make vanilla sex lovers tremble.

The word lewd has long been associated with sex, usually to denote socially deviant carnal activity. We’ve all seen those obscure laws on the books and heard the gasps of shock from certain crowds anytime time non-missionary sex is mentioned, but what would truly lewd sex, the stuff those “nightmares” are made of, actually look like?

Kayden Kross answers that question in spades with this movie, and she picks the perfect cast to do it with. Gia Derza is the epitome of the filthy temptress the puritans worried about, while Kenzie Reeves and Khloe Kapri are the exact nightmares conservative fathers have about their daughters. Meanwhile, Brooklyn Gray is the modern version of the biblical temptress and she brings the whole house down in a blaze of sexual glory.

“Things Worth Having Are Difficult” (Gia Derza and Markus Dupree):

Gia Derza plays a young socialite who is in a relationship with Markus Dupree. She’s been seeing a tutor to learn Russian in an effort to impress him, but her studies haven’t been very successful. After a failed test, Derza comes home dejectedly to inform an uninterested Dupree of her failure. Dupree is dismissive, citing her lack of focus on her studies due to her focus on fucking her tutor as the obvious reason she’s not progressing.

This condemnation prompts a pouty tantrum from Derza, who gets a butter-filled butt-fucking lesson in response. Yes, you read that right, at one point, Dupree actually stuffs butter up Derza’s ass and fucks her. This entire scene is harsh cock gobbling, explosive squirting and hard anal pounding, with plenty of gagging and gaping for the pleasure of the hardcore crowd.

I loved the exterior shots of the Chicago skyline and streets, that opened the scene as they helped create a more authentic feel. I see this technique quite often from other major studios and I think more directors should utilize this strategy to keep their scenes from feeling stale and manufactured. Other than that, if you are someone who enjoys rough, raunchy sex, this scene is exactly what you’re looking for. Gia Derza is a true fuckdoll here and the way she revels in the entire experience really feeds the fantasy.

“Did You Change” (Khloe Kapri and Markus Dupree):

Holy Victorian Era Batman! This location could be straight out of Queen Elizabeth’s royal court. The furniture is extremely ornate and almost gleams in the muted sunlight streaming through the windows. Khloe Kapri’s father (Manuel Ferrara) is concluding some business with Markus Dupree as Khloe watches from upstairs. Markus spies her surveying their meeting, and she scampers away into her luxurious room when he makes eye contact with her.

As Ferrara retires to his office, Kapri comes down the spiral staircase clad in a purple tennis dress and presents herself submissively to Dupree, who like the previous scene, appears supremely uninterested initially, before subjecting Kapri to his dominance. Everything has to be on his terms, which is exactly what Kapri is craving as evidenced by the demure way she begs for his attention with her eyes and posture.

Dupree dog walks Kapri around the room as he fucks her on almost every piece of furniture mercilessly. Khloe furiously rides herself to multiple squirts (which Dupree makes her suck off his cock), and his pace is fast and hard from start to finish. It’s pretty intense listening to Khloe express her pleasure at being pushed to the brink over and over. Her constant begging for more is in direct competition with her body’s desperate need for a respite, and the result is damn explosive.

“Dare You” (Kenzie Reeves and Mick Blue):

The scene opens with a nude Kenzie playing with balloons that have messages on them. This is not only foreshadowing for the viewer, but for the unsuspecting Mick Blue as well. This scene was a departure from the first two as even though Kenzie is the clear submissive during the sex, she actually has all the power because she chooses all the action.

Everything she endures at Mick’s hands (and she gleefully endures quite a bit), is her own design, her own dark fantasy. This scene feeds the mummification kink where people like to be wrapped (typically in cling wrap or latex) to varying degrees during sex. For this scene it’s cling wrap, and Mick Blue really wraps Kenzie up tight, sometimes covering her entire head, other times trapping her arms against her body.

No matter what he does, Kenzie begs for more, telling him exactly what to do, how much to choke her, how much to and how tight to wrap her, how deep and how hard to fuck her. At one point she urges him to fuck her through the plastic. Literally through it. The finish is highly intense and like nothing I’ve ever seen.

“Tell Me” (Brooklyn Gray, Small Hands, Eric John, Chad Alva and Jason Moody):

I absolutely love the visual style of this scene! The lighting is such a great contrast, with Brooklyn bathed in the golden light of a phone booth (yes! an actual phone booth!) as darkness surrounds her, while Small Hands is shrouded in darkness as he lies expectantly on a barren floor. As the scene passes back and forth between the two of them speaking to each other, the differences in lighting create a wonderful visual aesthetic.

The premise of the story is Brooklyn and Hands talking to each other about last night, with Brooklyn revealing to Hands that he’s not the first person she’s done … whatever they did, with. As she explains all the lewd things she’s done with all these random men, we get a few flashbacks (again the lighting is fantastically dramatic), before Hands walks out to the open garage to witness Gray surrounded by cocks.

There’s a wonderful overhead shot of Gray looking up, and five naked swords surround her simultaneously that should get some kind of art direction award this fall. It was like a kaleidoscope of dicks surrounding a flower. Brooklyn wantonly fills her mouth with as many cocks as she can until finally her body count victims exit the arena, leaving her alone with Small Hands. Brooklyn is nasty as hell here, begging to be used, covered with spit, choked and manhandled for fun.

The dynamic here was very interesting as Gray and Hands pass the power back and forth between each other as the encounter progresses. It creates a synergy between them that doesn’t exist in the other scenes because here both participants are on equal ground, each getting what they want. Brooklyn has a dynamite body (what great muscle tone she’s got), and she looks so good glistening in the sunlight as Hands pounds away at her, and Brooklyn’s dirty talk is off the charts. It’s the best looking scene in the movie easy. The scene culminates with a nice ambiguous ending, leaving the audience wondering whether what we just saw was real or imagined.

This movie is very intense. I think it’s important for the audience to know exactly what they’re signing up for when they stream, download or pop this film into their home theater players. The sex here is hardcore and aimed pointedly at a very specific crowd. If you’re in that crowd, you’re going to love this. Brooklyn Gray and Small Hands steal the show here, as everything about their scene is magical. There is a strong connected story element across all four scenes, and it would be interesting to see these kinds of kinks expanded upon in a fully fledged feature.