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Burning Angel presents top-notch scenes compiled from the mind of studio founder Joanna Angel.

Burning Angel presents top-notch scenes compiled from the mind of studio founder Joanna Angel encompassing some of their most popular titles from 2017 and 2018.

Rosalyn Sphinx and Ramon Nomar:

Longtime fans of Rosalyn Sphinx will recognize this scene as her Burning Angel debut from the movie “Goth Teen Nymphos Vol. 2.” The story setup is fairly simple; after losing her virginity a week prior, Rosalyn can’t stop thinking about getting fucked. She’s masturbating non-stop and fantasizing about “being ravaged and destroyed” by anyone who will have her. Luckily for our naughty nympho, her stepfather Ramon Nomar walks in on her furiously rubbing one out on the couch and tells her that “if she wants to play, they can play.” And just like that, it’s ballgags and side-saddle cock riding for the win! Ramon brings his signature vigor to the encounter, but I was pretty impressed with Rosalyn’s stamina. She spends a lot of time in cowgirl and she bounces on Ramon’s cock hard, fast and long. Her back tattoo is also pretty sexy. It’s a series of symbols that follow the line of her spine down to her coccyx and it makes every ripple of her back muscles that much more arousing as she rides Ramon like a stallion. Rosalyn’s hungry, dirty smile as she waits for Ramon’s baby batter to splatter her face is naughty as hell and serves as a damn fine finish.

Anna Belle Peaks and Steve Holmes:

This scene is from the Burning Angel comedy “Dirty Grandpa,” and features a luscious Anna Bell Peaks getting slammed by Steve Holmes in a small, family-owned restaurant. If you’re interested in the comedic background for this scene, you should definitely check out “Dirty Grandpa.” If you’re just here for the raunchy sex, Peaks and Holmes have got you covered! Watching Holmes munch on Peaks’ box from behind was awesome (Anna’s muscle tone is quite sexy and the giant angel wing tattoos on her back highlight this), and when she hopped on the old man’s cock for some kinky reverse cowgirl screwing, her bodacious boobs bounced beautifully for the audience’s pleasure. There’s also a solid tit-fucking sequence to go along with plenty of hungry cock-gobbling to get the libido steaming. Anna Belle is gorgeous throughout, and the finish is exactly as dirty as you’re hoping for.

Saya Song, Will Havoc and Owen Gray:

From the “Cum on my Tattoo” series, this encounter was described by Will Havoc as a fun and kind of campy scene with sex kitten Saya Song who likes a bit of roughness. The opening dialogue is certainly fun and campy, and the two studs deliver the roughness in spades, ravaging Saya rather mercilessly from start to finish. It was quite the effective touch to have her leave most of her enticing purple clothing on, as that detail played strong into the naughty school girl trope. Will Havoc and Owen Gray really DP the hell out of Saya, with her eye-rolling moans of ecstasy providing proof of how much she’s enjoying being split in two.

Leigh Raven and Tommy Pistol:

This scene is from “Creamy Teens” and features a goth, punk, wigged Leigh Raven engaging in a crazy aggressive fuck with Tommy Pistol. We’re treated to a quick modeling tease, then Raven sets the tone big time by writing a lipstick letter to Tommy on a mirror, then smashing that mirror to pieces with a meat tenderizer mallet. And just like that, we are off and fucking! Anyone who has watched Pistol perform knows he’s willing to push the boundaries (consensually of course) with his cock and balls, and Raven is more than happy to oblige him by letting him not only fuck her throat hard, but also sucking his balls, licking his stretched scrotum like a lollipop, biting his dick and letting him fuck her actual eye socket. Yes, you read that right. There’s also a moment where Pistol fucks Raven’s pussy with his dick and his hand at the same time. The finish is also something to behold; if you think it’s a standard creampie, you’ve got another thing coming! You have got to see this scene to believe it, and even then, you still may not believe it. This scene is overflowing with raw, animalistic, fuckdoll intensity and if you’re into hard sex, you are going to love it.

Arya Fae and Ramon Nomar:

The final scene comes from the horror-comedy “My Killer Girlfriend” and serves as a nice bow on this Burning Angel collection. The original film was very well received and feature porn fans should find their interest effectively piqued as there are just enough plot elements included here to drive fans to the other film. As for the sex, Ramon manhandles Ayra Fae just enough to whet the appetite of those who like things a bit rougher, but not so much as to turn folks off who aren’t accustomed to that style of scene. Arya is enthusiastic and Ramon takes full advantage of her flexibility by bending her all over the kitchen as he pounds her pussy to pleasureville.

This compilation offers a varied taste of what Burning Angel has to offer. It does a good job of showcasing the directing talents of Joanna Angel while simultaneously offering something for everyone with its selection of scenes. Plus, compilations like this are a great way to get new viewers to check out other content from the studio.