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True Lesbian

True Lesbian

Two young mormon Sisters who are secretly in love must say a heart-wrenching goodbye when a sudden transfer threatens to separate them from each other for good. A closeted housewife finds her wedding vows tested when her husband's boss and her wife visit for dinner, as the boss's wife tries to seduce her while her husband is in the other room.

Three tales of lesbian erotica based on true events from the mind of Bree Mills comprises this series, which offers a perfect example of what happens when people who have lived a certain reality or are intimately familiar with that reality are allowed the platform to tell their stories. There is just something about the lesbian stories that Bree Mills tells through her movies that feels different than g/g porn I’m used to seeing. Movies like this also showcase the strength of feature porn. Sex is certainly arousing, but it can be much more when anchored by stories that speak truth to power.

“What Set Us Apart” (Kendra Spade and Alina Lopez):

Jennifer Williams (Lopez) and Ashley Thompson (Spade) are two young, devout members of the Mormon Church. They have been paired together for their missionary mission and have been tasked with spreading the gospel and recruiting new members to the church. While both women are undoubtedly devoted to their faith, they cannot deny the love they bear for each other and the two paths converge in emotional fashion.

This story of forbidden love (a concept that most anyone can relate to), was inspired by true events according to director Bree Mills. Alina Lopez and Kendra Spade both do a pretty incredible job conveying a conflicted sense of duty, which makes it easy to empathize with both their characters. This story is tough to experience as a non-believer, but it’s going to hit even harder for anyone who grew up with a Christian background.

When Jennifer and Ashley get word from their pastor that they will be split up for the remainder of their mission (the reason behind the decision is never revealed, but both ladies speculate the carnal nature of their relationship is to blame), both are understandably devastated. For me, this is the crux of the entire story. The two lovers want desperately to be together, but never once does it occur to either of them to abandon their religious duty and neither questions their institution or their faith.

This was a very real, very raw depiction of religion that avoided the trope of presenting religious believers as cultish. Jennifer and Ashley believe in their calling just as strongly as they love each other. It is an intersection that is often ignored in porn. Knowing their time together is coming to an end, Jennifer and Ashley share a final night of passion and holy smokes is it wonderful!

From the very start, the chemistry between Lopez and Spade is on display, and it is captured perfectly by Mills. The opening scene where they lay in bed together and hold each other has the perfect musical accompaniment, and the way they gaze into each other’s eyes pulls right on the ol’ heart strings. After the fateful phone call and a centering prayer, the two young women fall into each other with the desperate passion of climbers grasping at a slippery cliffside as they lose their footing. Every moment is a plea to God to let them stay together while simultaneously being an admission that this chapter is closing and the best way they can remember it is to sear it into their beings with a sexual embrace.

There are a couple of different scissor positions that blow the roof off the place (pay attention towards the end to the way Kendra continues to pulse her hips on Alina’s thigh as they hold each other), watching Kendra grind her pussy against Alina’s face is top-notch sex, and holy cow does Kendra have a great ass. I need to point out as well a moment of pure acting skill from Spade as the sex cascades to an emotional conclusion. Jennifer begins to pray, and Ashley bursts into an absolutely heart-wrenching cry of anguish as the truth of their fate lands on her psyche like a house of unjust bricks.

“Show Me Your Room” (Angela White and Jay Taylor, featuring Donny Rock and Ryan Keely):

Macy (Taylor) is trapped in an unfulfilling marriage to Donny Rock. While Donny isn’t necessarily a bad husband, (he is appreciative and complimentary towards Macy and he is never cruel to her), he is painfully oblivious to her clear emotional distance and hyper-focused on claiming a potential promotion at work. When he invites his boss (Keely) and her wife (White) over for dinner, the only thing he can think about is making a good impression. This sentiment extends to Macy, who (being the ever-dutiful wife), supports him with as much vigor as she can muster.

But when Donny’s boss’s wife arrives, Macy is overcome with lust and the realization that she craves the sexual touch of women over men. Again inspired by true events, this story falls cleanly into the sexual awakening genre. Jay Taylor is one of my favorite talents (gosh she’s pretty), and Angela White is an adult industry icon, so this pairing is perfect for me.

Jay plays her role in perfect fashion, and Angela is the perfect “teacher” to her “timid student.” It’s a well-known dynamic, but Jay’s totally believable vulnerability and awakening makes this entire story feel fresh. I loved the way Jay submitted to Angela here. It’s not a dom/sub thing, it’s a woman who finally realizes who she is, and trusts another woman to show her what that realization truly means. Angela is patient and attentive, bringing Jay along at a pace that she’s comfortable with, and the more comfortable Jay gets, the more she’s willing to explore. Speaking of exploring, holy fuck Jay’s tits are huge and watching Angela fondle them is a total joy. Again, I must applaud the musical choice to open this scene. It’s melancholy and sets the tone immediately.

Lastly, I think it’s very important to recognize the fact that Mills chose to present Keely as an openly gay woman in a position of authority. And it’s not just the fact that Keely is the company boss, it’s the fact that her being married to a woman isn’t highlighted as something different. Keely simply is the boss and she happens to be married to Angela White. Their relationship is placed on the same ground that heterosexual relationships have occupied for years. Things like this go a long way towards removing unjust stigmas. This is one of the ways creators can use their films and stories to normalize those who are unjustly looked at as “other.”

“Just Spend the Night” (Khloe Kapri and Gia Derza, featuring Mackenzie Moss, Brooklyn Gray and Scarlett Sage):

This story will resonate with anyone who has ever had an experience that makes them believe they have to hide who they are. Charli (Kapri) is a closet lesbian who feels unaccepted and unseen by the world around her. Her bubbly sister (Moss) is headed off to college and wants desperately for Charli to spend some time with her and her friends before she leaves, to which Charli reluctantly agrees.

As the night progresses, Charli begins to feel more and more out of place, but a convincing plea from Derza persuades her to stay for a movie. One by one, the girls drift into sleep, but when Charli wakes up, she finds that someone has written the slur “lez” on her forehead in lipstick. Disgusted, she tries to leave, but Derza corners her in the bathroom and dismisses Sam (Sage) and Mia (Gray) as assholes, while promising that her sister was asleep the whole time.

Derza convinces Charli that she too had nothing to do with it, then begs her to stay the night. Confused but comforted by Derza’s kindness, Charli agrees and the next thing she knows, the two young women are passionately entwined in each other in the bathroom while everyone is asleep in the bedroom. Wow, watching Gia Derza lap hungrily at Khloe Kapri’s pussy is great and the entire scene could have just been that single position and I would have been happy. That was a really great capture. I also love that throughout the encounter, both women tried their best to stay quiet, for fear of waking the rest of the party.

The story takes a dramatic twist as it concludes, which I don’t want to ruin here. I will say that watching this story is absolutely going to speak to a number of people in a very raw way and honestly I don’t think many will be prepared for it. I certainly wasn’t. That said, I’m glad the story didn’t shy away from this reality because these types of stories deserve to be told.

It is no surprise that Mills has won so many awards over the past few years. Movies like this show just how strong her knack for telling stories is, how good she is at capturing arousing sex, and how strong her editors are at creating a mood. If you are a fan of lesbian porn, or compelling stories in general, you will want to add this to your collection. The opening tale alone is worth the price of admission, what with its powerful narrative and amazing musical accompaniment, and Alina Lopez and Kendra Spade really steal the whole series with their performances.