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Swipe Right

Swipe Right

Everything was going perfect in Patrick and Erikas relationship until she decided that it was time that they also live together. Having just left a 7 year marriage, Patrick wants no part of that. Erika gives him an ultimatum: move in or move on. In an effort to call each others bluff, both move on to the dating app world with disastrous results. Is it enough to make Patrick swallow his pride and give in? Hot sex and smart comedy mix seamlessly in Swipe Right.

Erika (Bunny Colby) and Patrick (Ryan Mclane) hit a boulder-sized roadblock in their relationship when Erika suggests they move in together and Patrick, jaded from his previous failed marriage, balks at the idea. With both parties suddenly back in the dating pool, they each turn to their best friends to help them get back on the horse, and what better way to return to glory than the world of online dating! But with every right swipe, the two former lovers find themselves further away from the love they really want, and closer to the love they really need.

This delightful romcom from veteran director Mike Quasar marks the first time starlet Bunny Colby has stepped into the lead role for a Wicked Pictures film. This is the most substantial acting I’ve seen from Bunny (she’s done some shorter, vignette-style acting in other projects that I’ve watched) and she acquits herself admirably. She really establishes her presence as an actor in the opening sequence opposite the always wonderful Ryan Mclane. Quasar injects the scene with a ton of intense, story-establishing dialogue and if either Mclane or Colby had faltered, the entire story would have suffered. Thankfully, both performers are great, and the journey is appropriately set.

The supporting cast is also pleasantly good. Britney Amber plays her role of unstable, possessive, psycho chick exceptionally well here. As this is more of a comedy as opposed to a drama, Amber’s performance is unsettling enough to put the hero in danger, but over the top enough to be funny as well. This movie also features Bella Rolland’s return to Wicked Pictures, which is a plus for me, as I have become quite the fan of her work. Here, she functions as an emotional doppelganger to Lucas Frost’s character. They’re both stereotypical millennials who aren’t quite empathetic enough to the plights of their respective friends to be of much direct assistance, but their intentions are pure enough that they might inadvertently be the catalysts their friends need to find the resolutions they’re looking for.

Lastly, I want to take a moment applaud the way director Mike Quasar utilizes his locations. It is no secret that securing locations to shoot porn movies is difficult in today’s climate. As such, the more porn one watches, the more likely they are to recognize the same settings across multiple projects. This can sometimes have the effect of breaking the fantasy playing out on the screen because the recycled locations remind the viewer that the world the performers exist in is manufactured. However, Quasar does an excellent job solving that problem in the way he frames his stories. He creates scenarios where the location could realistically appear in multiple movies without having an impact on the stories of those movies. For example, in this movie, there’s a bar sequence (featuring a wonderful performance by the film’s production manager David Lord), that takes place in the same bar that serves as the main setting for one of Quasar’s previous Wicked movies. But the fact that the characters in each movie share the same setting doesn’t infringe on either story, because bars are universal.

The opening sex scene between Lucas Frost and Victoria Voxxx is a great tone setter. The encounter is clearly meant to be just for fun, and it certainly evokes that. There are many subtle moments that show a fantastic sense of consensual, sexual trust between these two perfect strangers (the way they hook up is humorous, but also quite relevant to sex in the digital age) such as the way Lucas invites Victoria to rub his chest with her feet and the way she raises her ass to his mouth as he buries his face between her cheeks. Both of those acts could be considered taboo, and plenty of people might refrain from exposing their willingness to engage in those acts on a first date for fear of judgment or shaming, but these two know exactly what they want and despite Victoria’s earlier line lamenting the difficulty her generation seems to have communicating with people. During sex, she speaks loud and clear with her entire body, and Lucas responds in kind. What an impressive oral display from Victoria! She takes Lucas’ cock face-to-pelvis deep, over and over without so much as a blink! Once she mounts him, it is non-stop, quiver-inducing sensuality. She looks great, she sounds great and they connect on a purely physical level without having to go for the hungry, relentless pounding that often accompanies similar scenarios.

After a particularly rough date, Erika ends up playing matchmaker for Bella and her would-be suitor, and the match is perfect for everyone involved. Bella is knee-deep in the dating scene and she’s not shy about it, which makes her a perfect temporary companion for Derrick Pierce, who subscribes to the same philosophy. Bella has such an amazing body. She’s full of luscious curves and the way her ass undulates in response to every impact is scintillating. Pierce has a great time exploring her body with his hands and mouth, taking care to show love to the oft-ignored erogenous zones like the collarbone, the crevices behind the knees and the abdomen. He playfully nips and kisses Bella all over and she trembles with pleasure repeatedly. By the time Derrick’s mouth finds her sopping wet pussy, she’s in the ecstasy stratosphere. When he rims her briefly, the joy on her face is unmistakable. Then, while Derrick is fucking her from behind, she reaches beneath her body and rubs herself to a glorious orgasm that you could just tell had been building from the moment her clothes came off.

Reeling from a number of failed swipes, Patrick stumbles upon a promising prospect in clinical psychologist Britney Amber, and after a mentally satisfying date, the two head back to Patrick’s place to put a nice, physical bow on their evening. My oh my, does this scene show a real understanding of how to do a slow build to full sex! Mclane spends nearly eight minutes just fondling Britney’s body and rubbing her pussy through her panties. He rains kisses down on every inch of her flesh and runs his hands over her curves constantly. When he finally buries his face in her (incredibly soft looking) bush, Britney’s legs almost instinctively wrap themselves around his head, effectively trapping him in her pleasure. Wow, is it erotic! Britney’s ass is fantastic and watching her gyrate on Ryan’s dick is a thing of beauty. He clearly enjoys every moment as well; keep an eye on his face during some of Britney’s more vigorous hip movements, you can literally see him trying desperately not to blow his load. This is the strength of the Wicked Passions brand; the sex is so much more than quick kisses, oral and quickly on to the penetration. Each scene takes the time to allow the performers to immerse themselves in their characters, and the sex becomes a true extension of the story. I love this stuff.

The romcom reaches its resolution with Erika and Patrick finding their way back to each other with a renewed vigor and passion for their relationship after a nicely executed nod to “Fatal Attraction.” Wow Bunny looks amazing in red, and her lacy bra and panties compliment her skin tone beautifully. Again, the film’s signature patience is on display as Mclane and Colby build a palpable sensuousness between them. They gaze into each others’ eyes often and their kisses have a longing heat that fits their situation perfectly. Watch Bunny clench her fists involuntarily as her body quakes under the ecstasy of Mclane’s tongue lashing at her pussy. She is fully in the moment. Also note the way Bunny rocks her hips slightly to meet Ryan’s thrusts when she’s riding him. It’s exactly the kind of thing that sets certain performers above others. This really is the scene of the movie, simply because the emotional build and physical payoff between Erika and Patrick is so good. I mean Bunny can hardly contain her joy as Ryan fucks her, but it doesn’t feel like Ryan and Bunny, it feels like Patrick and Erika, which makes the sex much more impactful.

What an enjoyable film. Bunny Colby certainly arrives as a feature actress here, and studios should definitely consider her for larger feature roles moving forward. Ryan Mclane continues to be the steady performer he has been for years, with noms-worthy acting. The sex in this film is beautifully captured, and it was nice to see some fresh faces get a chance to hold a fully-fledged feature upon their shoulders. This movie is going to fit perfectly into many a couple’s sexy evening plans. Check it out on Wicked.com.