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Frequently Asked Questions


Membership & Billing

What are the different membership plans and what is included?
We have convienient membership plans to fit every budget. Please see our Membership Plans page for more details.
Can I or how do I cancel my subscription?
Memberships are recurring monthly on the anniversary date of your original signup. You may cancel anytime by clicking on the CANCEL BUTTON in the account section of your membership portal. Cancellations are immediate and we do not honor pro-rating.
How will my membership appear on my credit card?
Charges from us will appear on your credit card discretely as Prestige Worldwide PR, LLC

Pay Per Views & Rentals

Do movie rentals or PPV viewings benefit performers in any way?
YES! Our system is set up to pay royalties to all performers listed in a production, as well as directors and studios.
We pay out 10% to every performer listed, and 5% respectively to directors and studios.
What is the cost for rentals and pay per view minutes?
Prices for movie rentals are different for every movie, depending on the length and newness of the title. Pay per view rates are also listed per movie. We do automatically give monthly rental and ppv credits for Plus and Gold memberships

Performer Channels

What are Performer Channels?
Performer channels are dedicated areas that a performer can upload content to. Kind of like a OnlyFans. All performers are automatically given a channel and it is up to them whether or not to enable and use it.
What are the prices for the channels?
Eash performer has individual control to thier own channel and therefore, they set their own monthly subscription rates. We do give some small discounts for channel subscriptions to the Plus & Gold membership plans.
Can I un-subscribe from channels?
Yes, at any time. You have full control in your member portal.

Adult Directory

What is the Adult Directory?
Our Adult Directory is a collection of brick-n-mortar businesses, such as massage parlors or adult book stores. This is an ever growing list and can be helpful when looking for services in a certain area.

Adult Personals

What are the Adult Personals?
Just as you would suspect, they are adult classifieds personals listings
Who can post to the Adult Personals?
Any valid and active Zaffit member.
Does it cost to post in the Adult Personals?
Nope. Completely free, except for the escorts category, which costs $5 per listing.
How long will my listings stay up and active?
Fo-eva and eva....Except for the escorts category. Listings in that category expire in 7 days.