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A Great Catch

Published: 6/6/2021

A Great Catch

Six months after enduring a devastating breakup from his vapid ex-girlfriend Lola (Ashley Lane), Paul (Nathan Bronson) still hasn’t found the strength to move on. He spends hours snooping on her busy social media page, lamenting the cavalcade of male suitors who have seemingly replaced him in her life.

All the while, his live-in stepsister Gracie (Elena Koshka) tries vainly to pull him out of his post break-up funk by reminding him of how miserable he was when he was with her. But when Lola unexpectedly contacts Paul and asks if she can come over, his world is turned topsy-turvy and the fallout will change all three of their lives forever.

Ricky Greenwood-directed projects are now a staple of MissaX productions and anytime you see his name attached, you can be assured the result is going to be good. He has a very good eye for lighting a scene to create a certain mood, using close-ups to convey emotion and capturing great angles of sexual positions to keep those horny audience fires burning hot. All those skills are on display here, as is MissaX’s wonderful writing. Even with a cast as small as this, MissaX is able to create characters that feel dynamic while also manufacturing great tension through dialogue.

We all know step-porn is an incredibly popular genre right now, but MissaX incorporates that element through character development rather than tacking it on in hollow fashion to satisfy a search engine. If we’re going to keep seeing faux-cest porn I would love to see it handled more often in this way. The cast here does quite a nice job, with Ashley Lane earning a mark of special recognition from me. She gets a long sequence where the burden of making the story resonate falls squarely on her shoulders and she carries the load with ease.

The emotional changes in her face and her pauses for dramatic effect are spot on and they make both sex scenes feel emotionally significant. Elena Koshka shows a good bit of range herself as she creates a believable and intriguing persona that plays beautifully with Ashley’s character even though they never interact. That’s a credit not only to the performers, but MissaX as a writer as well. Nathan Bronson’s performance fits nicely between his co-stars which is fitting considering the plot of the film. I won’t spoil the ending, but it is a perfect swerve that will have the audience going back at least once to pick up on the subtleties of the cast’s performance.

There are three things that ...continued below

make the sex scintillating in this film: the angles, the palpable chemistry between the performers, and how wonderful they all look together physically. Ashley Lane has one of the best bodies I’ve seen in porn this year, and Nathan Bronson is as chiseled a piece of man-meat as anyone could want to watch. His scene with Ashley is passionate and smacks of desperation, which fits their character dynamic perfectly. After their heartfelt conversation early-on, the audience isn’t quite sure where they stand as a couple being honest with each other, but there is no doubt about their carnal connection.

Ho-lee-cow does Ashley look scrumptious with her legs pinned to the side while Nathan slams into her. Everything about that position is exciting and erotic and perfectly captured. There’s a huge narrative reveal that occurs while Bronson is rampaging Lane’s pussy during cowgirl that is vital to the story’s progression, and things finish with a delicious side-spoon creampie that sets Ashley’s wonderful tits rocking like milk jugs on a cobblestone road.

Not to be outdone, Elena Koshka rocks Bronson’s world in her own raucous way. The setup is fantastic because it validates everything Lola says earlier in the film, and the previous reveal sets the tone for the sex here. Again, there’s an awesome shot right at the start of Elena gobbling Nathan’s meat with her ass up in the air and her sundress hiked up enough to expose her pussy completely while offering a slight peak at her asshole. Excellent camera work. Note the way Elena writhes, begs and exclaims under Nathan’s touch; it’s much different than the aggressive way Ashley met his advances with her own. That’s good character work by Elena and good direction from Greenwood. There’s a turnabout plot element during this scene that catapults the story forward, and it’s sandwiched between some explosive squirting from Koshka. I love the way the scene ends with Gracie practically caressing Paul’s spent cock with her face as she cradles his heaving pelvis lovingly. It’s perfectly appropriate for the story.

Ricky Greenwood is fast becoming one of my favorite directors in the business and films like this are a big reason why. He understands how to bring a story to life on the screen with all the drama and nuance intact and he always seems to get very good performances from his cast. This is another strong feature from the writer/director duo of MissaX and Ricky Greenwood that sets the bar high.

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