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Lady Boss Vol. 4

Published: 6/6/2021

Lady Boss Vol. 4

“Lady Boss 4” presents a twist on a familiar fantasy, as the sexy boss trope is aims to leave fans’ heads reeling and their libidos scorching.

“Bait and Switch” (Penny Pax, Elena Koshka and Alina Lopez):

This scene is from 2018 and features the story of an office romance that gets turned on its head. When Alina Lopez calls Elena Koshka in to sign a relationship waiver form, it doesn’t take long for Elena to turn the tables on her. The two lovers forgo the form and get right to business, with Elena feasting on Alina’s plump pussy hungrily.

Unfortunately, Alina’s boss Penny Pax keeps interrupting their fun with business phone calls (none of which deter Elena from her nasty actions). This is a fantastic representation of the “at-work fucking” fantasy as a large portion of this scene involves Alina trying desperately to keep her composure on the phone with Penny while Elena licks and fingers her pussy hungrily.

Eventually Penny comes over to Alina’s office to collect the forms she requested, and she finds Alina and Elena fucking wildly on Alina’s desk. Looking to have a bit of fun of her own, Penny calls from outside and demands Alina bring the forms to her office immediately. Promising to return shortly, Alina leaves to deliver the files, telling Elena to stay right where she is so they can finish their fun as soon as she gets back.

But when Alina leaves, Penny slips in and fills Elena’s holes with her own fingers and tongue unbeknownst to the horny young woman. When Alina returns, she catches Pax going at Koshka and realizes she’s been had. But Penny threatens to fire her for fraternization unless the two lovers join her in a naughty threesome. There’s a lot going on in this scene, but the way the sex is presented keeps the narrative moving along nicely. It’s also great sex. Elena looks amazing face down ass up on the desk, both Alina and Elena look like proper sluts as they suck on Penny’s massive tits, and all the face-sitting is awesome.

“From Secretary to Mistress” (Chanel Preston and Casey Calvert):

This 2020 scene tells a story of extortion and blackmail with a twist of justification. Chanel Preston is a relentless boss who constantly hounds Casey Calvert about personal internet usage during work hours, even though Casey never violates the rule. Frustrated and suspicious of her boss’s behavior, Casey installs an internet tracker on Preston’s laptop and discovers that her boss spends a ton of time browsing lesbian porn on her work ...continued below

laptop during work hours.

With proof in hand, Calvert delivers an ultimatum to Preston: sexual shenanigans or a trip to human resources. This is great execution of the work fantasy. Chanel Preston is despicable and comes across as somewhat inept, making it easy for the audience to sympathize with Casey, but at the same time watching Chanel watch Girslway porn while berating Casey sets the stage for the sex nicely. When Casey forces Chanel to lay across her lap so she can spank her, Chanel’s reaction is perfect. She’s shocked and appalled and she doesn’t get into it right away. Rather, she’s clearly just trying to placate Casey so she can keep her job.

When Casey removes her panties and forces Chanel to stuff them in her mouth while Casey eats her pussy, it’s incredibly erotic because of the dynamic between the two. As the scene progresses, Chanel’s inhibitions break down and she submits to her lust, culminating in some fabulous face-sitting and a blistering sequence where she laps at Casey’s pussy like a cat while on all fours.

“Working Remotely” (Kenna James and Serene Siren):

This 2020 scene hits right at the heart of current events, with the setting being a virtual meeting between Serene Siren and Kenna James. Obviously inspired by the impact of the global pandemic, it speaks to a very contemporary fantasy while maintaining the boss/employee taboo sexual relationship dynamic. It’s clear that Serene and Kenna have been carrying on a relationship for quite some time, though today Kenna is clearly hesitant to participate. The swerve comes when Kenna reveals that her husband was home, which was the cause of her hesitation, but once she sends him out to get some hard-to-find toilet paper, the two lovers find themselves with plenty of time for some raunchy virtual fun.

This is quite a unique scene and it’s executed well. Even though there’s no actual touching between the performers here, the horny factor is still through the roof, and both ladies look stunning throughout as they virtually fuck each other.

This is another good Girlsway production. The theme of the film is held tight throughout each of the three offerings, and Bree Mills does a great job of injecting a sense of realism into the project with the final scene. Chanel Preston and Casey Calvert are far and away the highlights of the production, with the writing, pacing, character dynamic and performances all shining brightly. Penny Pax is always a welcome addition to any film, and watching Kenna James basically do a live show with Serene Siren was a real treat.

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