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The Audition

Published: 6/6/2021

The Audition

When lead dancer Olivia (Katana Kombat) is unceremoniously fired from her prestigious dance academy’s latest production by owner Trey Donovan (Marcus London), the remaining dancers are faced with a huge opportunity to fill the vacuum. Sadie (Gianna Dior) feels like she’s the natural choice to replace Olivia based on her tenure at the academy, her overall skill and the fact that she already knows the routine. But first year student Hannah Newsome (Emily Willis) decides to throw her hat in the arena, forcing a legitimate audition for the coveted role. Will Sadie claim the spotlight she’s feels is rightfully hers, or will Hannah convince the coaches to give her the biggest break of her young career?

Mikey Douglas wrote this tale of professional jealousy and veteran director Francois Clousot brought it to vibrant life. Douglas does a nice job writing tension between Sadie and Hannah, and Emily Willis really shines as she executes her role to perfection. I loved the casting of Marcus London as head of the academy because he’s such a gifted actor and performer, and he fit perfectly as the academy’s smarmy owner. I was also impressed with Ricky Johnson’s performance as the academy director Mr. Jacobs. He brought a subtle hint of foreign presence to his character that made him feel almost European. Perhaps it was his proximity to Molly Stewart, who herself sounded every bit the eastern European dame in her role as lead dance instructor Ms. Petrova, but they both gave off a clear vibe that fit the story perfectly. Stellar job by everyone involved.

There's some very good sex in this film too. When Olivia reveals her desire to Jay to make their secret affair public, Jay balks at the idea, which leads to Olivia’s dismissal. But before the fateful firing, Katana Kombat (what a great name) has a really nice scene with Marcus London that shows off her impressive flexibility. She keeps those long legs splayed wide so Marcus has easy access to her pussy, and the result is a very arousing side spoon. I also liked the way Katana just casually accepted Marcus’ pounding when he had her in standing doggie. It was like she just settled in and allowed him to get his rocks off and the whole moment really fit their character dynamic well.

Gianna Dior, Ricky Johnson and Molly Stewart have a very unique threesome that really fits the story as well. After an uninspiring audition for Ms. Petrova and Mr. Jacobs, Sadie needs to find another way to impress the coaches. She declares that she&r ...continued below

rsquo;ll do anything for the role, and Jacobs takes her up on her offer in aggressive style. I called this scene a threesome because Molly is present for a good portion of it, but she doesn’t get involved with Ricky and Gianna. Instead, she lounges sexily on a chair and rubs her pussy furiously while Ricky knocks Gianna’s bottom out and the entire encounter is absolutely fantastic. Watching Ricky lift Gianna in a vigorous standing missionary is awesome, and the way he drapes her over the balance bar to fuck her silly is equally impressive.

Meanwhile, Hannah is practicing her audition routine with hopes of winning the role through legitimate means. When Ms. Petrova approaches her and hints at the nefarious tactics Sadie is employing to win the role, Hannah begins to realize she may need to play just as dirty as Sadie to land the lead. As added motivation, Petrova gives Hannah a taste of the game and it’s all fantastic. Both ladies show off their impressive flexibility throughout the scene and when Molly smothers her pussy onto Emily’s face, the temperature in the studio explodes through the screen.

On the day of the audition, both Sadie and Hannah arrive for their private audience with Trey Donovan. When the ladies start arguing about who deserves to be there, Donovan chastises them both and demands professionalism. Their penance comes in the form of a sexy, traditional threesome during which the fiery vixens slurp on each other and offer their holes to Donovan any way he wants them. This scene has a good amount of vigor in it, including head-snapping blowjobs and pelvis-pounding fucking. Both ladies seem blissfully overwhelmed by the pleasure cascading through their bodies, and Marcus comes across as a dirty old man reveling in the act of fucking such beautiful young women. The film concludes with a stunning (and wonderfully edited) cliffhanger that will have the audience’s jaws hitting the floor.

This is a very nice film and I really enjoyed the subject matter and execution. Dance stories are ripe candidates for injecting sex into their narratives, and Mikey Douglas does a nice job writing this story in a way that does just that. I’ve long been a fan of Francois Clousot and I think this is some of the best work I’ve seen from him as a director in years. Emily Willis delivers a great performance all around and Ricky Johnson shines as well. Fans of the genre will want to check this out, for the story, and porn fans won’t want to miss Ricky Johnson tearing the delectable Gianna Dior up.

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