Stars 3

Published: 6/6/2021

Stars 3

In this third volume of the Dorcel showcase series, the fantasies take on a far more narratively driven style and the sex is even raunchier.

Valentina Nappi and Raul Costa:

In-home therapy nurse Valentina is assigned to care for Raul Costa who is recovering from a knee surgery. The fantasy starts with Valentina arriving at Costa’s home and evaluating him to determine what kind of therapy he’ll need. There are three wonderfully executed tease moments to open the action: two where Valentina dresses innocently while talking on the phone, followed by a scalding shower sequence (which Raul spies on). Each serves to incorporate the striptease trope into the film without relying on standard form factor. It’s really well done and holy shit does Valentina look stunning during the shower moment!

This tease leads to a kinky anal fantasy dream on Raul’s part where he takes Valentina’s temp up her ass, then follows it up with a gloved anal fingering. When he wakes up to Valentina checking on him, she discovers his rigid boner (leftover from his naughty dream) and before he knows it, she’s got his shaft in her mouth. Valentina is a sublime performer and the way she grinds her hips on Raul’s dick during reverse cowgirl is a perfect example. It’s a small movement, but holy cow does it amp up the horny factor! The anal is also blistering and Raul drops a healthy load on Valentina’s gorgeous tits to cap off a wonderful opening scene.

Tina Kay, Yanick Shaft and Vince Karter:

When Tina Kay exposes Yanick’s sordid affairs with a young intern, the adulterous scumbag has no choice but to submit to Tina’s every demand. Naturally, the sex-hungry Kay just wants a piece of Yanick’s meat and she has no intention of taking no for an answer. She hungrily gobbles Yanick’s cock like the slut she is, and when Vince Karter walks in unexpectedly with some files to report, Tina wastes no time in beckoning him to join the fun. The result is a wild threesome where Yanick and Vince bang Tina to pieces all over her office in all manner of ways including a hammering DP on her desk that nearly splits her in two.

Alexis Crystal, Charlie Dean and Nick Ross:

This scene has a such a strong opening because it gives us no clear direction as to what’s going on. The only thing we see is a beaming Alexis Crystal waking from a restful slumber and getting dressed. There’s something incredibly erotic about such an innocent act and it works to perfection here. The story takes an unexpected twist when Alexis meets Charlie Dean in the street. Initially, she smiles brightly, clearly happy to see him, but in the next moment his visage changes to that of Nick Ross and Alexis is suddenly confused and hesitant. However, suddenly it’s Charlie again and Alexis embraces him warmly. ...continued below

As the two lovers kiss, Alexis’ suitor constantly changes from Charlie to Nick and back. When Alexis and Charlie head up to his flat, not only is Alexis suddenly dressed differently, but both men continue to appear, caressing her body, kissing her neck and licking her pussy (though never at the same time). Then, both men vanish inexplicably, and Alexis finds that she’s been masturbating alone the whole time. From there, the mind-fuck continues, with Alexis peering down at herself from her apartment while she makes out with both men (again separately) on the street, before turning her back on the scene to address both men who are now together in her apartment with her.

I absolutely loved this set up because it kept me guessing. By the time I got to the sex, I didn’t know if I was coming or going, but I knew I was ready to see Alexis get it on with both these studs. The sex doesn’t disappoint either, with Alexis taking a royal pounding up the ass while keeping her mouth full of cock. The scene ends in baffling fashion, which totally fits the vibe of the entire encounter and will leave the audience scratching their heads yet carnally satisfied.

Mariska, David Perry and Maximo Garcia:

Naughty MILF Mariska always sends her boyfriend off to work with a sharp suit and a sweet disposition, but once he’s away the cat will play. She never lets on that sex with him isn’t satisfying enough for her, but she never sacrifices the sex she wants either. Once her man is out the door, her fuckdolls David Perry and Maximo Garcia arrive to serve her holes. She lets the swordsmen stuff her with wanton abandon, while the breathy whimper of her voice lets them and the audience know just how much she adores her slutty nature.

Rebecca Volpetti, Raul Costa and Yanick Shaft:

Frustrated with the performance of his business accounts, Raul finds himself more focused on his work than his girlfriend. Doing her best to be supportive, Rebecca agrees to have the European director Ian (Yanick Shaft) over for dinner in the hopes that Raul will be able to turn the meeting into a profitable business opportunity. At dinner, Ian offers Raul the promotion he’s been longing for if he’ll agree to let him fuck his wife. Raul refuses, but Rebecca, knowing how much the promotion would mean to Raul, agrees to the stipulation on her own. The result is a raucous three-way with plenty of DP action. It’s a great fantasy with which to close the movie.

This is easily the best entry in the “Stars” series. Sexually, the opening scene with Valentina Nappi and Raul Costa is the strongest, but narratively the scene with Alexis Crystal, Charlie Dean and Nick Ross is the clear winner. Everyone involved does a spectacular job and with entries like this under its belt, the “Stars” series should have a long life ahead of it.

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