Stars 4

Published: 6/1/2021

Stars 4

In this fourth volume of Dorcel’s showcase series, the fantasies return to their vignette-style roots.

Mia Malkova and Izabella:

This fantasy puts the audience into the action immediately. Malkova slides into the room clad in a black, sheer bra and panty set with matching heels. An expectant and similarly dressed Izabella is waiting for her. Wordlessly, the beautiful women begin to explore each other through soft kisses and tender touches. Malkova gets a taste of Izabella’s muff first, fingering her slowly while licking her all over like ice cream. Izabella favors direct stimulation when she’s down on Malkova, focusing all her attention on the gorgeous blonde’s clit. Both ladies also take a turn with a pink, double-sided dildo to body-shaking, orgasmic results.

Mailyne and Luke Hardy:

Mailyne puts the finishing touches on a chic outfit and heads out brimming with confidence to open this scene. She returns with Luke Hardy and guides him into the bedroom with purpose. She peels her clothes away to reveal lacy underwear adorned with striking red flowers and goes to town on Hardy’s thick shaft with a focused hunger that leaves him shaking. He returns the favor before mounting Mailyne and humping her passionately. Hardy does a great job of bringing Mailyne into himself during missionary, and she goes on to rock his world in reverse cowgirl. The chiseled adonis is spent and heads for the showers, but the insatiable Mailyne isn’t done. She follows Hardy into the bathroom for a raucous Round Two that ends in an eye-splattering facial.

Baby Nicols and Juan Lucho:

Nicols walks into her studio apartment, and the single camera follows her around the space in a spectacular virtual tour-like sequence that should earn a best editing nom. Nicols is a photographer, and her client for the day is the sexy Lucho. As she processes the photos later that evening, she’s reminded of her first encounter with him, when he was the photographer and she the model. That session turned into a naughty tryst, a ...continued below

nd the steamy memory causes Nicols to rub one out. The story follows this pattern as Nicols is shown masturbating in bed repeatedly while thinking of the times she’s fucked Lucho during past photo shoots. The lighting in the solo scenes creates a very erotic mood through heavy shadows, and it contrasts nicely with the brightly lit sexual moments between Nicols and Lucho. Eventually, the story settles on one of the many afternoon fuck tests between the lovers, and it’s worth the wait. Nicols has a great body, and Juan is covered in intricate tattoos which will appeal to many.

Megane Lopez, Tiffany Leiddi and Ricky Mancini:

After spending weeks sending provocative pictures to a gentleman online, best friends Lopez and Leiddi decide it’s time to take things to the next level. When the three finally meet, the fireworks explode in a wave of debauchery. Again, the lighting here is good, using shadows to bring a hedonistic vibe to the encounter. Lopez slurping Mancini’s cock while Leiddi squats on his face is arguably the most erotic sequence in the entire scene, but Leiddi giving Mancini her tight asshole in a visually striking spoon is a close second.

Stacy Bloom and Juan Lucho:

The closing act is full of passion and power. Bloom discovers incriminating text messages on Lucho’s phone, which sends her spiraling. The musical transition in this scene is amazing. When Bloom is hurting and vulnerable, the music is soft and tinged with agony; when she transforms herself into a lustful minx, the music takes on a powerful grind that bolsters her newfound confidence. In a nice edging fantasy, Bloom tortures Lucho for days by masturbating in his presence but refusing to let him touch her. When she finally allows him access to her body again, she remains in complete control. She dictates the pace, the positions, everything. The way she grinds her pussy on his face at the start is her declaration that she’s calling the shots. Even when she lets Lucho into her ass, Bloom controls the tempo and the amount of time Lucho must spend satisfying her.

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