Published: 6/6/2021


“Lana” is a POV feature movie about paranormal activity in a haunted home shot by its performers, Joanna Angel and Small Hands. As usual, Ms. Angel doesn’t disappoint due to her all-around amazing body and major need for seed, as well as the anal sex scene.

Our on-screen couple (Angel and Hands) have just moved into a new house, which may or may not have an evil spirit living in it; the first scene is a straight-forward banging upon their king-sized bed, best moments being the doggie drilling of Angie, what with her superior posterior; though the camera is fairly static for the majority of the scene, eventually transforming into a close-up of the action, as shot from Smally’s perspective, giving us some nice BJ, doggie, cowgirl and missionary action. The entire scene (and, likewise, the majority of the movie) is pretty much shot-from-the-hip stuff for all you lovers of raw porn. And it ends with a nasty creampie of Joanna during missionary POV a la Mr. Hands.

Soon enough, bizarre things start transpiring around the house, with a seemingly possessed Joanna masturbating in front of the TV (terrific makeup on her, by the way), as she looks directly at the camera (the TV’s perspective), her delicious boobs exploding and her face looking as if she’s about to die from a major orgasm as she maniacally diddles herself. Afterwards, we see the image of a druid-looking specter appearing all over the house in the dead of night while Angel (as Small peacefully sleeps) seems in the midst of some kind of trance-dance, again, as if she’s possessed by this malevolent ghost.

Soon we have another POV sex scene shot by Hands as Joanna orally services him in bed, while he returns the flavor by slamming her pussy; but this time she’s a tad more insane, as she’s, supposedly, under the influence of the creepy ghost; Angel eventually jacking Smally’s phantom POV cock all o ...continued below

over her face. Then, all of a sudden, during his orgasm, Small sees a barrage of kinky images — of the druid and of Angel in kinky BDSM face-mask; with Hands, the following morning, calling up the realtor (played with entertaining neuroses by director Mike Quasar) to get some info on the house; Smally finding out that a person named Lana died in their dream (more like nightmare) home, which is why he and Angel got such a good deal on the joint. By the way, the scene where the goth-looking ghost of Lana (it looks like Angel in full makeup and costume) attacks Hands is filmed solidly like a horror movie.

After Small Hands is knocked out by the crazed spirit, he awakens in some kind of purple-tinted dungeon with the possessed Ms. Angel deeply sucking him, sometimes shot from his perspective, other times from a full, establishing, side-view shot; the two camera angles intercut with one another, leading to some (finally!) anal sex (“That’s what Lana likes,” moans Angel’s possessed character, with running eye makeup a la Alice Cooper, as Hands heaves hose into her heavenly heinie hole), the doggie anal POV angle being especially horny, before Hands blows custard all over that fine, big, bent-over Angel butt. Then the movie comes to an end.

“Lana” is a good title for couples who, rather than looking for something too freaky, are in the market for passionate, not-too-over-the-top sex with a horror flavor to it; although diehard fans of Angel will especially enjoy each of the four scenes featuring the ever-cock-hungry MILF, particularly her final anal assault. And wait until you see the movie’s credits; Angel and Hands themselves poking fun at the fact that all of the duties — from starring roles, to camerawork, to editing, to even food services — are split between the two of ‘em. It’s auteur porn!

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