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Published: 6/6/2021


A must-see performer-showcase highlighting the always-amazing Elsa Jean; here in a fantastic, freaky feature from Tushy.com — that’s also her on-camera anal debut! — with our girl brilliantly performing in five super-salacious sequences.

Now (finally!) single and able to do anal, Elsa (the young platinum blonde with small-but-just-big-enough boobs, superior posterior and perfect face) begins her “new single life” with older dude Ryan McLane in one searing sphincter-splitting sequence. After Elsa lands on a private “V” (as in Vixen.com) plane with Ryan, they drive to some residence in (looks like) Malibu (with some impressive expositional videography ensuing, as it does throughout the entire feature); Elsa wasting no time in seducing McLane, who earlier gave her a present of a small Elsa-inscribed silver dildo which is now tucked deep in her ass, with Elsa telling him, “This is my first time. You better make it count.” Whew. Pressure’s on, Ryan m’boy. After McLane devours her sopping twat upon a big white bed, he gets a great suck-off (loud, wet, gnarly), after which he penetrates her vadge doggie style, with some ass-cheek slapping; eventually sinking his throbbing prick into her well-prepped butthole during spoon. The eye contact from Elsa is phenomenal. How Rye maintains, I’ll never know. Then it’s cowgirl-anal, topped off by a choice ATM, and, after some molten doggie-anal, he bursts all over that fab fanny. Wow!

By the way, some mysterious, unseen figure named “Dr. Wolf” is sending Elsa text messages, helping her navigate her fantasies, which unfold one by one in volcanic manner; one of them being girl-girl with a dominate chick, who turns out to be Emily Willis, both ladies making a provocative pair (blonde and brunette), as they get down upon a sofa (beside a pool) on the top of a building overlooking L.A.; best moments being when each lady eats the other’s asshole and fucks said butthole with a glass dildo.

Elsa’s next “arranged” fantasy is a searing cuckold scene, where the wife (played with arousing arrogance by Ka ...continued below

yden Kross), not the guy, watches the strange chick, in this case Elsa, intensely fucking the spouse; the lucky dude being Oliver Flynn in an amazing sequence. Missionary-anal alone is off-the-scale! What a juicy girl Elsa is! Those meaty thighs, with that huge link sliding in and out of her butthole (followed by an hellacious suck-off) is enough to make you lose yer nut right there and then. Then it’s cowgirl-, reverse-cowgirl-, and (hooray!) doggie-anal with the latter including (good girl, Elsa!) lots of eye contact, Ollie blowin’ bubblecum all over her anus and pussy, which he feeds her. Outstanding.

Jean’s next fantasy is yet another barnburner, co-starring the huge hoses of Isaiah Maxwell and Jax Slayher, both lads passing her back and forth as one doggie fucks her, while she sucks the other lucky stiff. Reverse-cowgirl- and cowgirl-anal are both apocalyptic, although (next to doggie) my favorite anal position here is missionary, as you get such brilliant eye contact with electrifying Elsa, who oh so trampishly, greedily takes both heapings of jam into her beautiful face in tandem.

And we end with quite the climax, indeed, as Elsa partakes in another threesome, this time with her gal pal — the equally tasty and lovely Ariana Marie — and veteran dick-swinger Michael “Luciano” Stefano, playing an older doctor (apparently one of her fantasies is getting stuck by an older guy); blonde Elsa and brunette Ariana (like Emily) providing another grand contrast with one another; one of the highpoints here being when Looch does Elsa’s ass doggie and then Ariana performs an ATOGM, an act repeated during cowgirl-, reverse-cowgirl-, missionary- and (va-va-voom!) spoon-anal with Elsa. And, yes, Ariana gets plugged in the vadge a bit early on, too, making this tantalizing tryst all the more dick-erupting.

Thanks to the true beauty and potent lasciviousness of Elsa Jean, as well as the expert direction/videography of Derek Dozer, “Influence” is absolutely one of the best features/performer spotlights of the year. Don’t miss this first-rate title. Oh, and who is Dr. Wolf? Sorry. Gotta find out for yourself.

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