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My Girl with Other Guys 2

Published: 6/6/2021

My Girl with Other Guys 2

New Sensations writer and director Eddie Powell delves into the fantasy kink of cucking with his follow-up to New Sensations’ 2019 film. The scenarios presented are related only by situation, and they all handle the cuck scenario by keeping the male partner offscreen and using dialogue from the woman to set the stage. It’s an effective strategy to get the audience to the sex quickly.

Natalie Knight and Will Pounder:

Will swings by his buddy Kyle’s place to drop off a jacket and he’s greeted at the door by Kyle’s girlfriend Natalie who is expecting him. A quick trip to the bathroom and Will is ready to be on his way, but when he comes out he discovers a wanton Natalie on the couch, legs spread, rubbing her wet pussy through her chiffon panties. Shocked, Will wonders why Natalie didn’t just wait for him to leave, and she responds by telling Will that Kyle gave her permission to fuck him and she’s just been waiting for the opportunity. And just like that, we’re into the first sexual encounter! Natalie Knight is very cute and my word what a great body she’s got! Reverse cowgirl (including an impressive standing variation) is pretty great; Natalie’s taught abdomen draws the eye inexorably towards her gyrating hips and pelvis. For me it was the most visually appealing position during the encounter, though the lifted missionary is also quite nice.

Chloe Temple and Logan Pierce:

Frustrated at her boyfriend Kyle’s unexpected late night at work, Chloe turns to his friend Logan Pierce for a companion with whom she can pass the time. With the entire evening suddenly open, Chloe reminds Logan of the last time they were alone together and how much fun they had fooling around. When she suggests they go for round two, Logan is more than happy to take her up on the offer. The camera spends a lot of time focused on cowgirl which is wonderful because Chloe looks ravishing in the position. She’s got a nice apple booty and the way it ripples as she bounces on Logan’s cock is quite nice. I also found the standing doggie against the backdrop of the huge bay window to be very stimulating, but man I wish we would have gotten some full body shots of the 69 variation in the chair that showed off Chloe’s whole body because wow was that a great visual!

Natalia Nix and Jason Moody:

This scene takes a slightly different approach on the cuck theme by not introducing the male partner until the end. Natalia is at home with Jason, who has brought her some paperwork to sign. After some awkward small talk, Natalia picks up on the te ...continued below

nsion emanating from Jason. Realizing the opportunity she’s been presented with, Natalia coyly asks Jason if the reason he seems tense is because he wants her, and the answer is an instant change in scenery from the kitchen table to the bedroom. Natalia is pretty voracious throughout this scene, hungrily feasting on Jason’s cock with her mouth and her pussy. Take note of the aggressive nature in which she attacks Jason’s meat with her hips. She actually signals him to hold still for a few moments so she can grind herself to ecstasy, all the while beaming like a truly satisfied slut. Her approach enhances the quick cut to the sex and sets a very clear tone for the scene right from the start. The side spoon shows off Natalia’s lusciously long legs wonderfully, and seeing Moody’s cock pierce her puffy pussy is highly arousing. The cuck element comes finally comes into play as Natalia makes a phone call to her man to let him know that everything went great with the paperwork signing.

Viva Athena and Robby Echo:

Ol’ Kyle is cucked once again in this scene, this time by his girlfriend Viva Athena whom he gives permission to seduce his brother Robby Echo. I kind of like the connection of having the cuck named Kyle through each scene, because it allows the audience to create their own connection between the scenes or think of them as completely unrelated instances. Athena reveals to Robby that she knows how jealous he is of Kyle’s relationship with her, and how he’s always wanted a girl like her. Welp, here’s his chance! Robby is pretty vigorous with Viva here, pumping her almost desperately (like a guy who’s been wanting to do so for a long time) and Viva’s beaming reaction really makes the whole encounter feel genuine. I thought the spoon was especially intimate because of the way Robby gently cradled Viva’s face as he thrusted into her with glee. That was a really nice touch that gave some depth to the narrative that accompanied the sex.

This was a unique spin on the cuck genre that allowed the kink to be served while keeping the cucked party out of the picture. I’m always impressed at the creative ways directors come up with to keep the sex on task without sacrificing the fantasy. I loved everything about the opening scene with Natalie Knight and Will Pounder, but I was also very impressed with the setting aesthetic that surrounded Chloe Temple and Logan Pierce. I really think that added a lot of impact to their scene and I applaud Eddie Powell for setting their sex against such a gorgeous backdrop. Fans of the cuck kink genre should find plenty to like here.

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