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Swallowed 41

Published: 6/6/2021

Swallowed 41

If you were in the room right next door to where these scenes were being filmed, you’d probably think — with all of the gagging and hacking and gasping goin’ on — that someone was choking on a steak. Well, you’d almost be right. They, the young females in that same room, are choking. And it’s absolutely on meat that they’re gagging. But not on steaks. Tube-steaks, maybe. Indeed, these brave, fresh females are 21st Century porn starlets filming scenes from director/performer Mike Adriano’s popular Evil Angel blowjob series, “Swallowed.com.” And in this 41st volume, the blowjobbin’ babes (a whopping 10 altogether!) are most definitely in prime form, making these six ferociously frothy face-fucking scenes (loud ones, too!) perfectly awesome.

We start off with a doozy, as three gals — the always-amazing Emma Hix (she’s the non-brunette), Avi Love (she’s the brunette in the pink stockings) and Kiarra Kai (another dark-haired damsel with the spaghetti-strap yellow undies) — suck like there’s no tomorrow; and that includes eating man-ass (I think the lucky lug receiving this filthy triple-threat is Logan Long), with a highlight being when our stud has all of the ladies upside-down on a sofa, and they each get their hungry mouths cock-plunged, with Emma especially becoming cocooned in her own saliva. Wow! It’s an upbeat and fun scene, with the vixens oh so considerately sharing the sperm with one another after the pop shot. Terrific!

We next get a pair of pixies — Lexi Grey being the babe with the blue undies, alongside Rebel Rhyder — each having good attitudes as they suck off Mike Adriano, with Lexi and her hanging tits, nasty sounds and wet deepthroat action being especially fantastic to watch in action, while I also loved seeing her big eyes while she’s eating Mikey’s ass; and it’s equally a kick seeing her lick Adriano-crack while Rebel’s eyes are watering from deep-sucking Mike’s member. Lexi is one of the best dick-inhalers the ...continued below

re is. And Rebel’s pretty gosh darn good, too. “I love swallowing cum,” Lexi beams at the camera after she does just that. Love her!

And we have four more Swallowed.com super-sucking sirens to go! Chloe Cherry is a big-assed platinum blonde who chokes like a champ on Adriano-pud, while she also squirts oil outta her ass, as well as dines on man-ass. Brunette Violet Starr (this girl is just so scrumptious!) is a major cutie with a juicy ass and succulent twat, courageously taking on a huge behemoth of a boner, with Violet going as far down on that mammoth member as humanely possible, getting oodles upon oodles of saliva everywhere, as well as begging to eat the lucky dude’s ass, while she also performs an upside-down face-fucking so swimmingly. “The biggest fucking cock I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” she chimes at one point in her Swallowed.com performance, and then “I’m such a lucky little whore.” And once it’s all over, Violet — her face thoroughly cum-soaked — coos to the camera, “Will you let me suck it again? — please…” I’m in love.

Brooklyn Gray is a gorgeous brunette with bush, who’s a “good throat slut”, per Mikey, as she sucks dick to the bone ever so messily and loud, while looking so sexy and darling as she rims lucky Adriano; and blonde Lilly Bell alongside purple-haired Val Steele is a superlative way to end this superlative slop show, giving Logan Long the suck-off of his life. I especially like the sleepy eyes on Val as she goes to the base of Logan-log; hell, even Lill is impressed, though Bell is quite remarkable herself. Dig it when they take turns licking Logan’s butt. Phew! And wait until you see these two meat-famished foxes get turned upside-down and face-hammered with ham before sharing Logan’s large load. Mama!

These “Swallowed.com” sweeties rock, with high points especially going to Emma Hix, Lexi Grey, Violet Starr, Brooklyn Gray, and Val Steele. Run — don’t walk! — to get this one!

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