Published: 6/1/2021


Impulsivity is one of the most basic driving forces behind sex, and Kayden Kross explores that truth in four torrid tales.

Addie Andrews and Small Hands (“Complicit Consumption”):

The story opens with a heavy tone. Ryan McLane and Ryan Driller are questioning partners Andrews and Hands, who were assigned to a stakeout that went inexplicably wrong four days in. The music is tense, the lighting is dark, and the flashes of what took place in the stakeout hotel room are jarring — all the ingredients of an intense thriller. The audience learns that after so much time spent together with nothing to do but watch their suspects do nothing, something inside both officers snapped — and in Andrews’ own words, “No amount of fucking could fix it.” They certainly do try, though!

Hands sounds like an animal as he growls and grunts his way inside Andrews’ body, and Andrews’ whimpering and breathing are the sound of a woman desperate to be utterly consumed. Folks, this is exactly how directors and performers take sex to the next level: infuse the act with emotional purpose.

Kylie Rocket and Mick Blue (“Love at First Sight”):

Everything is not as it seems in this tale of infatuation and deception. An innocent-looking Kylie Rocket shows up at priceless watch doctor Mick Blue’s door with a dead phone and an address that she can’t find. Stunned by her appearance, Blue invites her into his home almost involuntarily. When Rocket excuses herself to the restroom, Blue hides his address and gets himself cleaned up hoping to impress the young woman. Meanwhile, Rocket begins to search the home for a valuable watch, revealing (to the audience) that her entire story is a ruse. The dramatic irony works like a charm when Blue catches her snooping, as she covers her actions by kissing him lustfully. This sets Blue into overdrive, and he fucks the hell out of Rocket for the next 20 or so minutes. I mean, it’s hard, fast, and burns with lust. Rocket’s supple body is racked with pleasure, and Blue can’t pound her hard enough to satiate his infatuation. The story& ...continued below

rsquo;s end is a shocker, and I’ll leave it a mystery.

Casca Akashova and Manuel Ferrara (“That Pretty Wife”):

This collaboration between Kayden Kross and Ben Shiro tells the story of Alex, a man with a gambling problem who gets over his head and loses his most prized possession: his wife. Akashova is livid, but when Alex tells her the potential consequences of refusing a man like Ferrara, she relents. To her surprise, Ferrara reveals complete disinterest in her. Rather, he only wanted to teach Alex a lesson about recklessness. But everything changes when Akashova decides she wants to teach her husband a lesson of her own. Akashova’s lesson comes with a steep price, and Ferrara exacts it without mercy. He absolutely rails the rich trophy wife mercilessly all over his bedroom, her humongous tits flailing in the wind as he pounds her into oblivion and submission. His final demand is utterly degrading and serves as a shocking conclusion to the tale.

Dixie Lynn, Mick Blue, and Chris Diamond (“Point”):

What an intriguing story this is! Cute minx Dixie Lynn is having a debate with her boyfriend about power. He says she’ll always be at a disadvantage in a room full of men because she’s attracted to accents, while she claims the pussy has the power. To prove his point, he takes Lynn to a dinner party with a couple of his French-speaking friends. As Lynn doesn’t speak French, she’s unable to communicate with anyone at the table, putting her at a clear disadvantage and forcing her to concede her boyfriend’s point. Not to be outdone, however, she deploys her pussy to prove her own point, resulting in a raunchy ravaging by Blue and Diamond. Lynn’s delicious derrière really shines here, and the camera capture several sensational angles of it. It’s the highlight of the scene.

This is fantastic work not only by Kayden Kross, but the entire cast as well. Small Hands and Addie Andrews tear the roof down with their performances, and Kross crafts an incredibly engaging story to go alongside them. This is why feature porn has such a strong following: Good stories enhance good sex.

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