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First Times & Second Chances 2

Published: 6/6/2021

First Times & Second Chances 2

What does desire look like when it comes packaged with baggage and/or a palette that has yet to experience its sweetness? Director Jacky St. James takes viewers on a carnal journey to answer that exact question.

“Consent” (Emma Hix and Seth Gamble):

After a fantastic second date, Emma and Seth return to her home looking to cap off the festivities in sexy style. A passionate yet hesitant kiss prompts Emma to ask why Seth didn’t kiss her like that on their first date, and his gentlemanly response is that she was drunk and he didn’t want her to do something she wasn’t truly able to consent to. This is an incredible message to send and I absolutely adored the way Seth held himself back to start the scene.

The way he keeps his hands slightly clinched in an attempt to stay his desire to caress Emma’s body? The way Emma places Seth’s hands on her ass as she presses her body against his desperately? The way the two pause mid-undress and spend an intensity-building moment gazing into each other’s eyes? All of this is fantastic and creates amazing sexual tension.

Holy cow Emma looks great riding Seth’s cock in cowgirl. Literally the whole scene could just have been that position, but the doggiestyle was blistering as well. This is also perhaps the prettiest I’ve ever seen Emma Hix. The amount of time the camera spent focused on her face really allows the audience to drink in her unique beauty.

“Exactly What You Want” (Aiden Ashley and Nathan Bronson):

Despite their contentious past, Aiden Ashley hires her ex Nathan Bronson to cater a dinner party she’s throwing due to his culinary expertise. After some back and forth between the former lovers (this is some good dialogue y’all) the lingering sexual tension between the former couple becomes too much for them to resist.

There is something incredibly arousing about watching a woman get her pussy eaten from behind (probably because I’m such an ass fan), and Nathan delivers on that front big time as he kneels behind a standing Aiden and munches on her box. Even more stellar is the standing doggie where Nathan hoists Aiden into his embrace and slams her pussy against his piston-dick mercilessly. Holy fuck people this is fantastic stuff.

The entire scene carries an intensity that looks and sounds exactly like the grudge-fuck it is. Sopping, sweating, vigorous, nasty and selfish sex.

“Consequences” (Ember Snow and Damon Dice):

Ember Snow blasts into Damon’s apartment like a raging tornado, furious that he’s posted pics of the two of them together on his social media just to piss off her boyfriend. In his own fury, her boyfriend abandons ...continued below

her at her boss’ party, opening the door for Ember to seek retribution on Damon.

While Ember is an inferno of rage, Damon is the proverbial eye of the storm; reserved and willingly admitting he’s been posting pics of them purposely with the hope that she’d come to confront him. With his opportunity a reality, Damon takes his shot, pointing out how Ember’s boyfriend doesn’t remember her birthday or treat her well in addition to constantly accusing her of cheating on him with Damon.

As far as the unsatisfied friend is concerned, there’s no better time to make an honest man out of him for once. I love how often Damon breaks from pounding Ember to lick her pussy. It injects variety and a sense of realism into the scene, but it also shows how much Damon keeps Ember’s pleasure in mind. No pounding himself to the finish line immediately, instead he is constantly aware of Ember’s body and concerned with her pleasure.

“Fuck Me Like I Want” (Bella Rolland and Quinton James):

Cocky, aggressive salesman Quinton James feels like the king of the world every time he bullies someone into a signing a deal with him. Full of himself, Quinton revels in the chase and the conquest both in the boardroom and the bedroom, as his assistant Bella Rolland has learned over the years. But while Quinton feels like he’s strutting around his world with big brass balls and the world in the palm of his hand, Bella sees him very differently.

She takes note of the massive discounts Quinton routinely agrees to in order to sign his deals, and his performance in bed is more akin to a teddy bear looking for a pat on the back and a hug than a grizzly bear ripping apart its prey. And the thing Bella wants more than anything is to be ripped apart by a ruthless predator. Embarrassed by her stinging condemnation of his manhood, Quinton takes up Bella’s challenge and my-oh-my does he give her what she wants.

Bella’s got a dynamite body and watching her writhe in ecstasy under Quinton is downright mesmerizing. The rhythmic gyration of her hips no matter what position she’s in is an impressive feat on its own, never mind the intensity behind her multiple body-shattering orgasms. This is a woman who loves sex and it’s clear every time she steps in front of the camera.

This is a nice collection of short stories. Every scene delivered on the sexual satisfaction front, and every shot really enhanced the action. Jacky St. James is truly a master of short story telling (quite the compliment considering short stories have far less narrative real estate available to get their point across), and whenever I see her name attached as a director on a project like this I know it’s going to be good.

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