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Dance For Me

Published: 6/2/2021

Dance For Me

As an expression of emotion through physical movement, the art of dance has always held a strong connection to sexual arousal. Kayden Kross presents three tales that showcase dancing’s incredible power to create sexual fantasies in this stylish collection of short stories.

Vanna Bardot and Kyle Mason:

What a wonderful way to open this project, lens flare and all! Vanna and Kyle are partners who, for whatever reason, can’t seem to connect, much to the consternation of their showrunner Kayden Kross. After a particularly frustrating rehearsal, Kayden delivers an ultimatum before departing in fury; whatever tension exists between them better be sorted out by opening night …two days’ time.

With the performers left to their own shame and failure, Vanna launches the opening salvo, exclaiming that Kyle treats her like a child rather than a woman before stalking offstage. It’s a powerful line that ends up acting as an echo for the remainder of the scene as Vanna takes matters into her own hands. With Kyle sitting alone in frustration, Vanna re-emerges nude but for her ballet shoes and breaks into her routine again. Mesmerized, Kyle joins her and the tone is notably different. Kyle sees her now … as a woman, as a sexual being, as a desire that he cannot resist. It’s honest to goodness poetry.

Love the way Vanna teases Kyle to start, with her leg up on his, reaching around and rubbing her pussy as he sits with his dick out and his hands behind the chair. What an incredible visual tease! When Vanna finally lowers herself onto his dick, it’s like an exquisite sexual release that the audience can feel. From there, they certainly do work out their tension with one another as Vanna teases Kyle to death before he slams her against the piano desperately.

“Paper Rules (part 1)” Brooklyn Gray, Sky Pierce and Markus Dupree:

This is a very involved tale with lots of moving parts. There’s a time displacement element that forces the audience to pay close attention to the sequence of events and that always works to hold the attention of the viewer. Sky is a new recruit at Markus’ dance studio and her timid demeanor definitely doesn’t mesh with veteran dancer Brooklyn’s confidence or Markus’s demanding nature.

When Sky suffers a bad fall during a rehearsal, things look to be over for her before they even start. But Brooklyn has a moment of pity and instead of casting Sky aside, she tells her the secret to dancing success: “Dancing is like fucking without the fluids. Every move should be so personal it’s obscene.” Brooklyn’s advice takes us back in time to Brooklyn’s aggressive and raunchy romp with Dupree. This is pure, unadulterated fucking, ladies and gentlemen. Markus wrecks Brooklyn and the horny minx loves every second of it. We’re talking about a piston-poundi ...continued below

ng, no mercy ass-fuck that sees Brooklyn bent in half like origami and railed mercilessly for nearly twenty minutes. Holy shit.

“Paper Rules (part 2)” Sky Pierce and Seth Gamble:

Desperate to find her place in the company, Sky takes Brooklyn’s advice to heart. When Seth Gamble walks in, he finds a despondent Sky wallowing on the floor. Impulsively, she offers herself to him. Her face tells her whole story; Seth can do whatever he wants to her. Initially apprehensive and worried about getting cut, Seth’s frustration boils over when Sky refuses to back down and in an almost rage he pins her against the wall and gives her exactly what she wants; an obscene connection. This scene is almost a mirror of Brooklyn’s encounter with Markus with one glaring difference; Brooklyn was in control, Sky is not.

Seth uses her at every turn, dictating the action, pace and intensity. Watch Sky’s face as Seth rams her fuckhole all over the hallway; not once does she feel like the leader. Rather, she feels like an initiate being introduced to a world she never thought existed and she’s overwhelmed by the intensity, liberation and pleasure of it all. Everything feels new to her and she’s content to let Seth show her the path to understanding through sex. It’s really a beautiful piece of storytelling. Unfortunately, the fairy tale ends when Markus rounds the corner and catches them.

Manuel Ferrara, Kayden Kross and Kenna James:

Awesome helicopter shot to open this scene, followed by an absolute masculine unit in Manuel Ferrara sauntering into a strip club from the rooftop entrance. A baller entrance like that doesn’t go unnoticed, and before long, Kayden and Kenna are making their way to the stage to see how far Ferrara’s bank account flows. An exquisite dance sequence follows, with Kenna showcasing her sultry moves against a perfectly moody musical backdrop before Kayden joins her and blows Ferrara’s pocketbook wide open.

He offers two grand for the chance to be with both women, and the price is right. This scene doesn’t have the same reckless abandon as the others; it’s more of a slow burn that smolders. The audience will be able to feel the intensity here, but it’s in the form of anticipation rather than animalistic satisfaction. Kenna and Kayden masterfully create irresistible sexual tension that carries a power and weight unlike any other scene in the movie. Of course, Manuel paid them a boatload of cash for the chance to fuck them. It’s the ultimate fuck-a-stripper fantasy.

This is a visually stunning film full of intense sexual expression. The art of seduction is on full display as each story uses the power of dance to elevate the ecstasy and excitement of sex. Kayden Kross has evolved into one of the best directors in the business and this is another example of her vision capturing the raw essence of sex appeal.

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