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Poly Family Life

Published: 6/2/2021

Poly Family Life

Real-life poly throuple AK Ginger Snaps, Lana Mars and Smassh present a documentary-style film that chronicles their journey as poly practitioners while they traverse Alaska’s mountainous countryside.

I’ve never watched an adult feature quite like this, and I have to say I was intrigued from the start. This film plays out like a Netflix documentary meaning the people involved are recounting their real-life experiences and sharing their genuine personal perspectives. It’s makes for a very engrossing watch that is more than the sex encompassed within the journey. The audience gets to know these performers on a personal level that goes beyond fictional characters in a fictional adult story. We are actually having a conversation with the people behind the performers and it makes the entire experience far more intimate.

All three performers talk about the different ways in which their families reacted to the news that they were poly (AK’s experience was tough to hear), and from there, Smassh recounts how he and AK Ginger Snaps met, married and expanded their relationship to include his second wife, Lana Mars. Smassh dispels some myths about polyamory as well, contending that polyamorous family dynamics are exactly the same as monogamous family dynamics.

This is one of those moments where like-minded individuals, allies or those who legitimately want to understand the lifestyle will smile. Smassh and Ginger Snaps are so honest about their lifestyle and the casual way they talk about it normalizes it for the audience. After this introduction, we’re treated to some POV style sex in the beautiful Alaskan wilderness. Ladies and gentlemen, it doesn’t get much more real than this. There’s no makeup and no studio lighting here. No editing bay for fixing things in post. No crazy positions that a regular person can only dream of pulling off. It’s just pure, natural sex outside captured by someone holding a camera.

We get a second sex scene (this time between Ginger Snaps and Mars) that blossoms from a sexy massage and it’s fantastic. Stopping at a local town, the lovers take a break and book some private time with each other. Yes, this is technically massage porn, but due to the nature of this fil ...continued below

m, it’s much more realistic. These two ladies are just rubbing each other to make each other feel good. There’s no pretense of actual therapy going on here, it’s just a case of “I want you to rub my body because it feels good when you rub my body, and I’m probably going to get horned up and fuck you in the process.” AK Ginger Snaps is such a sensual lover. The way she stimulates Lana’s pussy slowly and gently is so genuine. She takes her time, fingering her slowly, faster, then slower again. Sometimes she rubs Lana’s clit in conjunction with her fingering, sometimes it’s just her clit. Other times she fondles Lana’s pussy while caressing the rest of her body tenderly. It’s probably one of the most intimate lesbian scenes I’ve ever seen.

That last bit of personal insight the lovers offer to the audience is the emphasis they place on their own family. It’s a very powerful segment as they share just how much their family means to them despite its unorthodox nature. They recount the mental strain of traveling in an RV and the joy they feel when they find a place they can call home in which they can raise their family. Again, the audience finds itself at ease with their situation and wondering why anyone would question it. When the throuple happens upon a desolate canyon, they can’t help but take the opportunity to christen it. It’s voyeurism at its best and it’s nice to watch these real people fuck each other outside.

That said, they are still performers and they close their journey with a look at what their professional content looks like. Sexy young Katie Kush visits to shoot content with AK, and the setting, lighting and framing is clearly different than anything else in the film. Katie looks great (nice ass that one) and there’s an intimacy between she and Ginger Snaps that certainly has pro performance vibes but also feels like an understated sexual experience.

As I said, this was an incredibly interesting project and I highly recommend it. The look into the lives of these three people is refreshing and enlightening and watching them have real sex with each other was an added bonus. I wouldn’t mind seeing more projects like this make their way into mainstream porn.

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