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The Audition, Volume 11

Published: 6/2/2021

The Audition, Volume 11

Young, fresh, effervescent beauties are featured in this upbeat Porn Pros gonzo, with our tasty newbies doing their, supposedly, early (if not first) porn scenes; all four ladies looking marvy, while exuding impressive horniness and energy — especially Athena Faris and Jasmine Grey. In other words, it’s all highly whack-worthy!

While driving, blonde pixie Kiara (and all of the other successive girls) to her porn shoot, our unseen, phantom director plays with her pussy in the car, interviews her on camera at his voluminous/clean apartment, lets her masturbate, blows him, then fucks her in various positions, handling all the camerawork himself (so, yes, it’s POV sex), but he does it quite well; cowgirl being an especially terrific position with the bouncing, moaning and groaning Kiara. Lots of much-appreciated camera angles during various positions, too (close-ups, wide shots, handheld camera stuff, overhead views) in order to keep you properly interested. And it works!

The delicious Athena Faris (on the DVD cover for good reason!) is a movie highlight, being so pretty and cute, with a wonderful smile to boot — and a great booty, to boot, along with nicely sized titties — doggie and cowgirl being her best moments with that superlative backside (she likes getting spanked, too!), though getting a full overhead view of her sweet, sweet body from head to toe during missionary is an absolute treat; our stud ultimately blowin’ his load inside her during reverse-cowgirl, after which she rubs it deep into her oh-so-pink-and-perfectly-shaped pussy. Superb!

Jasmine Grey is another one of my dream cuties, next to Athena, with Grey smiling and being ever so per ...continued below

rky and happy throughout her scene — and horny! — our girl loving it all, especially when getting seriously finger-fucked (sometimes — thank you, Jazz — squirting up a storm), while she offers amazing eye contact during deepthroating, likes being kissed during hard sex (she’s amazing in that context, particularly during standing doggie/spoon), and spanked during cowgirl, where she really rides our lucky swordsman. And, again, I just love all the smiles and direct eye contact she very naturally, so seamlessly offers during missionary. Additionally, there are some neat long, master shots of the action, which add a unique flavor to this well-crafted POV title. And what a massive cum bath Grey accepts in the kisser. Love ya, Jazz! I definitely wanna see more of this bubbly and bawdy beauty.

Last up, Chloe Temple is a blonde pixie who’s a joy to behold herself, garnering a precious smile throughout her “audition”, while her tight little body is so, so scrumptious; all of her positions being fully arousing, though her best is certainly doggie, during which our phantom performer/director totally spreads her asshole, heatedly slams the groaning gal, while treating us to various angles of the fiery action, so as to constantly keep the event provocative; although cowgirl is fairly dick-hardening/-explosive, as well. And, wouldn’t ya know, Chloe’s a screamer!

While my two favorite babes here are Athena Faris and (va-va-voom!) Jasmine Grey, both of whom look magnificent and perform brilliantly, Kiara Cole and Chloe Temple similarly rock the people’s cock. And with so many different angles and such relatively competent camera work, “The Audition 11” proves that Porn Pros has one of the best POV series in the biz.

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