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Sexy Yoga in Paradise

Published: 6/2/2021

Sexy Yoga in Paradise

“Blondes have more fun.” That’s most definitely an X-pression brought to full fruition in this arousing title from Private, starring three bodacious blondes whose lovely looks and hellacious sexual appetites will totally satisfy hardcore viewers; yet the entire movie isn’t too erotically freaky to alienate couples, and they will also surely appreciate the visually impressive landscape featured (namely, picturesque footage of the lush Spanish seaside resort of Ibiza); with plenty of sizzling boy-girl action happening in a private (and Private!) yoga resort.

Truthfully, I don’t know the first thing about yoga, but I love seeing these women practice it (with all of the horny leg stretching and sticking out of butts); the whole notion of “Yoga in Paradise” being merely a great excuse to see gorgeous young women getting majorly banged; as is absolutely the case with our first fair-haired maiden (and one of my faves) Chrystal Sinn, here getting passionately penetrated upon a sumptuous lawn by stud Potro di Bilbao. Sinn’s face-fucking alone is outstanding: deep, choking, saliva-drenched; while spoon with this fleshy morsel is fairly amazing. And I just love her smile as she downs all of Bilbao’s boy batter following numerous other hard-on-inducing positions, including some choice bangin’ doggie and twat-on-prick-bouncing reverse-cowgirl.

Next, another one of my favorite babes in this title, Marica Chanel — and her marvelously big boobs and juicy ass — gets it on with lucky Potro inside a sudsy bathtub within the resort. Marica starts off with a brief bj, after which our randy couple moves to a comfy bedroom, where Pot wastes no time doggie humping this fine-ass specimen. After Marica sucks Potro some more, he’s soon ass-fucking the tart, sinking it deep in during missionary, which wo ...continued below

nderfully transitions to spoon (a movie highlight, for sure, with Chanel’s choice cheeks); though cowgirl-anal (before which Marica insists that she fuck Potro!) is thoroughly memorable, followed by a romantic ATM, a crazed session of reverse-cowgirl-anal, more spoon-anal (Marica is so grand in this stance), before Pot blows Bilbao butter all over Marica’s bountiful boobies.

Next, our stunning DVD cover model Lika Star heatedly gets it on in the resort’s living room with Alberto Blanco. Actually, it’s more of a kick seeing the horny Lika getting eaten and finger-fucked than viewing her suck dick. Doggie, however, with this true beauty is off-the-scale, seeing as her derriere is, well, perfect; a wonderful asset which she digs getting slapped left and right. And don’t you just adore her darling cries of pleasure; Alberto eventually grabbing hold of Star’s hair and erupting jizz onto her hungrily awaiting tongue.

And for the film’s conclusion, we’re treated to a torrid threesome on a yacht (fully afloat), including (my two faves!) Chrystal and Marica, as well as the ever-returning Potro; highlights being a nasty double-suck; gnarly cowgirl-anal a la Marica, with the ever-giving Chrystal providing a charming ATOGM deepthroat; serious missionary piston pounding on Chrystal (love her yelps of intense arousal); more inspired sessions of mouth-massaging Potro-pud times two; and some truly sizzling missionary-anal of Marica, during which both ladies suck each other’s tits; Potro eventually blasting spunk all over Marica’s twat. Whoa!

From start to finish, “Sexy Yoga in Paradise” is a well-shot, superbly performed semi-feature, with top marks going to all three bootylicious blondes, though the wanton wares/perverted performances offered up by both Chrystal and Marica will really get you off. You go, girls!

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