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Meeting in the Pool

Published: 6/2/2021

Meeting in the Pool

Director Alex Conte dials up the latest edition of LetsDoeIt’s “Bitches Abroad” series which has always focused on beautiful European women having sex across equally beautiful European locations. “Meeting in the Pool” is the U.S. release of “Bitches Abroad 20.”

Charlotte Sartre and Dylan Brown (Water Issue):

A vacationing Charlotte arrives at her Airbnb-style location and meets the owner; a smartly dressed Dylan Brown. After a brief tour of the property, Dylan hands her the keys and wishes her a wonderful three-day stay. Unfortunately, as Charlotte is taking a relaxing shower, the water suddenly stops working, leaving her covered in soap. Dylan makes a phone call, but maintenance won’t be able to come troubleshoot the issue for at least an hour. What to do while they wait? What to do…

I really like the way this scene starts. Charlotte settles her pussy right onto Dylan’s face and lets him tongue lash her silly, and it really lets the viewer get a good look at her svelte body. He mounts her pretty aggressively during doggie and works her pussy over good, with eliciting expressions of unabashed pleasure from Charlotte in the process. In fact, the longer the scene goes, the more intense Dylan gets; at one point he sprays his load all over Charlotte’s pussy then goes right back to fucking her. It’s a great start to the film.

Jenny Manson and Mr. Henderson (This Missing Suitcase):

This tale is apparently inspired by true events! A frustrated and exhausted Jenny Manson arrives at her location without her luggage, which was lost in transit. When a representative from the travel agency arrives with a suitcase, Jenny is even more frustrated because it’s the wrong suitcase. The representative promises to go back and find the right luggage and vows to deliver it the next day, but Jenny is out of patience. She wants her luggage today and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get it.

Stories like this are always interesting because of the “inspired by true events” tagline. It makes the audience wonder if it was one of the performers who experienced this, one of the crew, someone who wrote the studio a letter … etc. Either way, this is a fun scene. Henderson works Manson over quite nicely, but Jenny gets in her fair share of work as well, particularly during cowgirl where she nearly rides Henderson off into the sunset. There’s a tiny bit of anal play during doggie that’s enough to make the audience raise an eyebrow, and it ends with a messy facial.

Cassie and Dorian Del Isla (Tourist Physiotherapy):

Here we have another scenario said to be inspired by true events. When Cassie hurts her back on vacation, she finds herself in desperate need of some emergency treatment. Unfortunately, most of the offices she calls are staffed by employees who don’t speak the same languages as her. Just when al ...continued below

l hope seems lost, she manages to find a massage therapist (Dorian) who speaks English and can see her immediately. Of course one thing leads to another and before she knows it, Cassie finds herself naked on the table with Dorian’s cock buried balls deep in her pussy.

Cassie is stunning and Dorian is about as shredded as a man can get. They look phenomenal together (those matching tattoos are awesome) and their chemistry is off the charts. Dorian really pounds Cassie hard, and in turn, Cassie rides him like a roller coaster. The cowgirl is by far the best moment in the scene and I wish it would have lasted a little longer because holy fuck was it mesmerizing.

Julia Red and Falco White (An Unexpected Breakfast):

Russian tourist Julia emerges from her room looking for breakfast after a restful night of sleep. Her host Falco offers her some cake and chocolate which seems fairly standard, but Julia is confused by the giant dildo wrapped meticulously on the table. Falco informs her that it’s a sex toy she can use at her discretion, but Julia seems rather uninterested in the rubber toy, preferring the real thing.

Naturally, this leads to Falco letting Julia sample his cock as one of the bed-and-breakfast’s amenities. This is a beautiful location and the vibe feels like a romance novel where a couple makes love in a cottage in some secluded woods. Julia is pretty delicious and Falco is mostly gentle with her from start to finish. Even when his thrusts become more aggressive there’s still a level of tenderness that just feels very warm. The standing doggie was particularly nice and the ending was just naughty enough to be a little daring.

Stacy Cruz and Pablo Ferrari (A Meeting in the Pool):

Vacationing in Poland from the Czech Republic, Stacy Cruz stumbles into Barcelona native Pablo Ferrari who is also on vacation trying to get over a tough breakup. The two happen to be booked at the same Airbnb and after settling into their rooms, find themselves lounging together by the pool. The banter between these two feels comfortable and genuine. They’re awkwardly flirtatious with each other and their eventual coupling feels very natural. The way Stacy seduces Ferrari comes right out of a Harlequin romance novel.

I was so happy to see her leave her bikini top on for the first portion of the scene because she looked absolutely phenomenal in it. Watching her tits bounce in that perfectly fitted garment built some serious anticipation for their eventual release, and I found myself struggling to keep my eyes off them once they were freed. Stacy is really something and she quietly consumes the camera with her sexual presence. Every position is fantastic and the longer Ferrari fucked her, the more she smoldered.

This is a solid film, with stories that are simple but effective, and the cast is very good. Cassie del Isla is always a standout, but I was very taken with Stacy Cruz and would love to see more of her work.

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