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Mother Prefers Anal

Published: 6/2/2021

Mother Prefers Anal

These anal-minded MILFs were born to suck and fuck on camera, with ferocious foxes Synthia Fixx, Summer Hart and Anissa Kate especially soaring when it comes to inhaling cock via twat, tonsils and tukus.

While checking out his younger female neighbor with a pair of binoculars, Johnny Castle gets the start of an outdoor bj from his possessive, very tasty-looking wife, played by Synthia Fixx, with things really steaming up when they move the perverted proceedings indoors. Fixx has a very 1970s porn star face (a unique look!) and one killer ass that’s just, well, perfect. Her body is also lean and mean but with enough flesh to make the entire package thoroughly boner-bursting. Synth gets way into her bj with Johnny’s hard-as-a-rock castle, while doggie-vadge is pounding and fast with a few kinky spanks.

I like how Synth’s pussy is so wet, pink and just staring at us during missionary-anal, with plenty of moans and groans from Fixx, while she’s a screamin’ Mimi during cowgirl-anal. And doggie-anal is a true movie highlight, Johnny brilliantly slamming that amazing ass, though you get to see more of Fixx’s long, wiry, fully-in-shape body during spoon-vadge/-anal, Synth eventually, happily getting a mouthful o’ man-paste after a good workout with hubby — and swallowing it all, too!

Redheaded Summer Hart is an amazingly juicy female specimen, with huge all-natch tits and a big-butt cushion that was made for pushin’, which is what a bespectacled stud dressed in a doctor’s outfit (and offering free door-to-door breast-cancer exams) does to this major babe, who’s also quite pretty. Aside from Hart’s heavenly hooters, Doc also exams/probes her asshole with latex-gloved hands (more much-appreciated kink) when she’s standing up, bent over and totally nude; our door-to-whore proctologist soon sticking his hard, blood-filled, six-inch needle right into her backside and really letting fly.

Check out how Summer’s large udders dangle and sway as Doc Stud thrusts ...continued below

deeper and harder. There isn’t a bad position with Summer, who, like Synthia, also has a classic 1970s look (love it! — especially with those wonderfully long false eyelashes), but boob lovers will seriously relish reverse-cowgirl-anal (watch those fun bags undulate!), while ass addicts will equally enjoy cowgirl-anal (see those butt cakes fly! — especially when Summer’s left to work that blood-engorged dick herself). And I just adore Hart’s all-around upbeat energy and darling smiles, even when her pretty mug is eventually whitewashed with a boatload o’ spermatozoa.

Yes, Sarah Vandella is very much worth checking out as her anus is blasted out (particularly with that large ’n’ luscious booty!), but you especially don’t wanna miss Johnny Castle ravaging the rectum on the ever-delectable Anissa Kate, who plays an office chick dying of heat, with Castle as the air-condition repair dude, finding that his work is all in vain, when the sizzling Kate fully raises the now-lowered temperature, as well as fully raising Castle’s very lucky penis. Always a joy to behold (even when she’s fully clothed), the beautiful/bawdy Anissa, like Summer Hart, doesn’t put in a bad position; though my faves are watching Kate get seriously face- and titty-fucked; seeing her bodacious big boobs bounce wildly during reverse-cowgirl-anal, her eye contact being ridiculously horny, as Johnny goes back and forth ‘tween tush and twat; hearing crazed-for-cock Kate sluttily moan and groan during doggie-anal, with, again, Johnny boy wasting neither anus nor vadge; and, of course, viewing awesome Anissa getting nastily cream-pied during reverse-cowgirl-anal, then letting some of the jizz slowly drip onto Johnny’s swollen balls. Awesome!

“Mother Prefers Anal” delivers the dirty, derriere-drilling goods, especially with such choice, vintage, vice-hungry vixens as (in order of appearance and personal preference) Synthia Fixx, Summer Hart and (va-va-voom!) Anissa Kate. These cougars are absolutely worth delving into!

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