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Out of the Blue

Published: 6/2/2021

Out of the Blue

When his stepsister Natasha (Khloe Kapri) suddenly stops answering his calls, texts and emails after posting a morbid message on social media, Allan (Robby Echo) fears the worst. After all, it’s not like her to shut him out completely since the two have always been close.

In a panic, he catches the first flight across the country to check on her. What he finds is a sister cracking under the weight of one failed relationship after another, a woman with whom he has yearned to share more than on-paper relations, and a realization that sometimes you just have to take a chance.

Ricky Greenwood is back in the feature director’s chair for this short film from writer Maddy Barton for MissaX studios. The story here isn’t anything deeply groundbreaking, meaning it’s up to the actors to inject a sense of realism and drama into the tale to keep feature fans engaged. Fortunately, Robby Echo and Khloe Kapri are up to the challenge, and their performance creates the exact kind of tension needed to make this fauxcest tale come together.

Natasha’s manic tendencies show just how vulnerable she is, and the way she is able to so casually slide between attacking Allan and showing him gratitude makes her a dynamic character. Khloe Kapri does a great job bringing Natasha to life. Robby does an equally good job portraying Allan as a tortured soul who struggles between his desire for the forbidden fruit and his genuine concern for his sister. It’s an old trope, but it’s well-executed here.

This might be the most sultry and seductive I’ve ever seen Khloe Kapri. There’s a purposefulness to her every action that makes the audience want to see her conti ...continued below

inue. The cowgirl is pretty incredible, with Khloe’s hips gyrating on Robby’s cock like a well-oiled machine. I had to take a moment to marvel at the way she varied her speed. It made for such an arousing moment, that I can’t believe Robby didn’t bust his nut right there. When he finally mounts her, it feels like he’s been waiting for this moment for years and you can tell just how much he’s enjoying it by his low, guttural grunts as he pumps Khloe’s pussy rhythmically.

I’d also like to take a moment to commend cameraman Buddy Light for the unique angle from which he shot the doggie. Khloe’s round ass peaks above Robby’s hips just enough to show its delicious curves and it’s a wonderfully arousing visual. The over-the-shoulder view of Khloe backing her ass up on Robby’s dick is also fantastic and really puts the young minx’s body on display for the audience.

The action wraps up with a pretty delectable side missionary that ends with a messy cumshot right on her pussy. And the story concludes on a somber note that could go so many ways. It could be seen as a romantic ending, it could be considered an ominous warning or it could be viewed as a delusional dream. I love the ambiguous nature of it all.

Once again Maddy Barton pens a nice script and Ricky Greenwood does a good job bringing it to life. I really like his style and I like Maddy Barton as a writer. This is easily the best acting performance I’ve seen from Khloe Kapri and her sexual performance was elevated because of it. The ending here makes me wonder if this story could expand in the future? I’d certainly be down to see where life takes Allan and Natasha after this.

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