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The Sex Therapist Vol. 4

Published: 6/2/2021

The Sex Therapist Vol. 4

Sex therapist Michael Stone (Ryan Mclane) finds himself losing client after client to Rebecca Hope (Silvia Saige), a new therapist who favors a holistic approach to his more conventional methods. Fed up with her poaching his clientele, Stone decides to book an appointment with her to expose her cockamamie bs theories. But once he’s in her presence, Stone finds himself entranced by the mesmerizing woman. What’s more, he learns that she may just hold the key to unlocking his own personal trauma.

This is the fourth in Jacky St. James’ “The Sex Therapist” series, but viewers don’t have to have watched the previous entries, as each one is a standalone story. I really like the way Jacky puts stories together and I think she’s very good at creating characters that audiences can get lost in. Silvia Saige’s Dr. Hope is a perfect example of this. From Dr. Hope’s office aesthetic to her hairstyle and many bracelets, to the calm, even tone in which she speaks, everything makes her a character that the audience can immediately get immersed in.

Our story starts with Tina (Jada Kai) canceling her and her husband Kevin’s (Nathan Bronson) regular appointment with Dr. Stone to take an appointment with Dr. Hope. While Tina is receptive to the idea of listening to the world’s energy and being open to new opportunities, Kevin thinks it’s all bullshit. However, with nothing else seemingly working (especially not Dr. Stone’s disastrous suggestion that Kevin try testosterone therapy) he decides to give Dr. Hope’s strategy a chance. The result is the troubled couple talking things out and coming to the realization that their own arbitrary restrictions on when they could have sex are standing in the way of them actually doing the deed.

If Tina is tired in the morning when Kevin wants sex, and Kevin is tired at night when Tina wants sex, they should try having sex at different times. Before they know it, the couple is wrapped in each other’s arms in the throes of passion. Wowee can Jada ride! The rotation of her hips is on point and her rhythm is great. Her ass undulates like jello in a mold and her cheeks have just enough natural clap when she bounces to give her that extra erotic edge.

Next, we meet Dr. Stone himself who gets a phone call from Shawn Alff and his lover telling him that they’re going with Dr. Hope moving forward. In a cruel double whammy to the beleaguered therapist, SethGamble and Skylar Snow tell him the same thing as they’re sitting in his office. Furious, Dr. Stone demands to know how Dr. Hope managed to fix the couple’s massive marital issues so quickly. A jubilant Snow responds with the most unexpected answer Dr. Stone could imagin ...continued below

e; she saged their apartment.

This leads us to a flashback showing Dr. Hope waving her sage stick around while Gamble and Snow join hands and “feel each other’s energy.” Without warning, the lovers descend upon each other hungrily and Dr. Hope, having done her job, slips out of the room to allow the couple to rediscover their passion for each other. What a wonderful scene this is. Seth with his toned body and long locks looks great alongside the sultry, busty Skylar Snow.

There’s a subtle bit of character sex during the blowjob as Skylar slurps and gags hungrily. Seth’s shocked reaction to Skylar’s exuberant oral fits the idea that the couple is connecting sexually in a way they haven’t for quite some time. In fact, the whole scene feels that way with how they cradle each other and the closeness of their bodies as they fuck. There’s a side missionary sequence that especially feels intimate and it’s a very arousing position visually as well. Wow does Skylar look good in that position!

We meet another couple working through their issues in the form of Kylie Rocket and Robbie Echo, but unlike the previous couples, their relationship seems much more contentious. After speaking with his therapist, Robbie has seen the error of his ways and decided to leave his wife for Kylie because it’s the right thing to do and it’s what he needed. This is wonderful news for Kylie who rewards his newfound honestly with the fuck of a lifetime. So awesome that Kylie left her panties on the whole time!

This is a thing that should definitely happen more often in porn because it adds a serious kink factor to the sex. The twist comes when Robbie’s therapist turns out to be Dr. Stone. Robbie thanks him for his advice and promises to send everyone he knows to see him. This sends Stone into a celebratory mood and he makes an appointment with Dr. Hope to let her know that he’s beat her at her own game. Much to his chagrin, the meeting doesn’t go as planned, and Michael finds himself questioning his career.

Things come to a head for Michael as he makes a life-altering decision based on the influence of his session with Dr. Hope. The mystical woman decides to visit him before he moves into the next stage of his life, and the sexual tension between them comes to a head. Talk about a sensual scene! Silvia feels like a hippie spell caster who has enchanted Michael with her magic. She coils around him like some kind of sultry serpent and he feels like he just can’t get enough of her no matter how deep inside her he gets. He beats her pussy up good and she welcomes his aggression with submissive enthusiasm. This is the best scene in the movie.

This is the best performance I’ve ever seen from Silvia Saige. She looms over the entire story like a magical gypsy whose web of sensuality permeates every other character in the story. That excitement comes from a combination of the way Jacky wrote the character and the expert way Silvia played her. For me, Dr. Hope was the driving force of this film from a character and sexual standpoint.

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