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Age and Beauty 3

Published: 6/2/2021

Age and Beauty 3

Bree Mills directs the third volume in Adult Time’s groundbreaking “Age and Beauty” series. The term MILF gets a chance to include women over the age of 50 as Payton Hall and Erica Lauren showcase their impressive sex drive and sensuality.

Payton Hall and Brad Hall (“The Boy Next Door”):

Recently widowed Payton Hall is clearing out the memories of the last 30 years with her former husband George with the help of young Jordan from next door. While Payton spends most of the afternoon focused on packing away the remnants of her life, Jordan spends most of the afternoon focused on her. In a moment of boldness, Jordan reveals to Payton that he’s had a crush on her since he was a kid, and he decides to shoot his shot. Payton is understandably hesitant, but the sex appeal of the strapping young man in front of her is too much to resist and she gives in to lust.

This is a tale as old as time but it still works. The older woman feeling perhaps that her best days are past her … the young stud finally getting the opportunity to be with the MILF he’s fantasized about his whole life. The doggie is probably the most tantalized position on display here because there’s a moment where Payton just holds herself still while Brad pumps her pussy that completely sends her. She lets a surprised squeal escape her lips and then settles in for a blissful moment of fucking. It’s very subtle but very hot.

Erica Lauren and Michael Vegas (“Extra Care”):

Dan (Michael Vegas) is newly employed at Elder Trust, a facility that specializes in providing in-home care for the elderly. Here he’s delivering groceries to Erica, who has trouble getting around due to poor circulation and hip trauma. Dan seems nervous about being in Erica’s presence, and the young man’s demeanor is not lost o ...continued below

on her. She coerces him to her bedroom and asks and asks him to fill in for her massage therapist who was unavailable.

Poor flummoxed Dan agrees and Erica has her catch. The opening sequence with the camera following Lauren as she walked with her cane to the door was very well done. It created instant sympathy for her character with the audience which translated into the viewer rooting for her to successfully seduce the younger man on the strength of her body (stay through the end of the scene for the great plot twist on this point)!

Michael Vegas is a great performer. He always keeps his hands and mouth just as busy as his dick when he’s fucking. He rubs Erica’s clit while he’s fucking her and his mouth almost never stops raining kisses across the rest of her body. Erica is no slouch herself. She’s got piercing eyes and when she’s sucking Michael off while gazing at him fiercely the effect makes the skin tingle.

Payton Hall and Ricky Spanish:

In a scenario that has become all too common for so many during the pandemic, Ricky Spanish and his step-grandmother Payton Hall find themselves conversing over video chat. Fresh off his 19th birthday, Ricky is knee deep in studying for school while Payton is missing him terribly. The card and money she sent is a fine present, but Payton’s got something better planned for him; a full-on webcam show just for him! This scene is essentially a solo scene with Payton putting on a full show for the audience. That said, it’s still quite nice and Payton really looks great. She amps up the action as the show progresses, and Ricky’s astonished reactions probably mirror those of the audience. The “finish him” moment occurs when Payton slides the jeweled butt plug into her ass and goes to town on her clit and pussy with two different toys. Ricky blows his load and so will the viewers.

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