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First Times & Second Chances 3

Published: 6/2/2021

First Times & Second Chances 3

In this very couples-oriented film, all four scenes (divided between first-timer and second-chance scenarios) are pleasant, fun and, yes, frolicsome, making it an excellent title for viewers not wanting to witness (at least not yet) crazy, off-the-scale sex — though the sucking/fucking is, indeed, premium. And it’s all from the fine folks at Bellesa Films.

In a first-timer sequence, Damon Dice opens his female roommate’s mail, finding a copy of the Kama Sutra — and luckily, his awesome-looking roomie, played by Emma Starletto, wants to practice some of the scalding positions in the legendary instructional book. Starletto, by the way, is such a little, meaty, pretty cutie of a blonde; I just can’t get enough of her. She also reminds me of Mira Sorvino. Can’t go wrong there, right?

To me, the best positions are doggie (does Starletto ever rock in this stance, what with that truly mouth-watering ass!), which includes a lot of eye contact from tantalizing Starletto; reverse-cowgirl, fully revealing Starletto’s scintillating spinner’s body; and 69, where we get to see Starletto really suck down on Damon-dick.

Next to Starletto, attractive, long-haired, way luscious brunette Victoria Voxxx is another one of my favorite babes in this anthology. Here, in a second-chance scene, Voxxx is hooking up with her former boyfriend, played by Ryan Mclane, after he comes over to fix her bed — and when asked, tells her that he hasn’t dated anyone since he broke up with her (good line to remember, Ryan). The best positions absolutely are cowgirl (what a fantastically cushy tushy on Voxxx), missionary (love the meaty thighs and lush stomach on her), and, of course, doggie (truly a movie highlight, spotlighting foxy Voxxxy’s to-die-for butt, which Mclane ultimately cum-coats — don’t blame him!). These two first scenes alone make this film totally worth getting.

In another first-timer scenario, Alex Coal plays Nathan Bronson’s roommate, who confides in him about having ...continued below

the worst sex possible on a date earlier that day, with the two of them soon converting their platonic relationship into an intimate one (yes!), with Coal occasionally directing Bronson in terms of what she needs/wants per each sex position. The memorable moments include her long, slow, full-length mouth-strokes upon his raging hard-on; bouncy and humping (it’s Coal doing all of the work here) cowgirl, and hammering missionary (now, it’s Nate breaking a sweat), with loads of great eye contact from horny-as-hell Coal. I was a bit disappointed that doggie was lacking, but still, it’s a good all-around tryst.

Lastly, we have another second-chancer story, as Abigail Mac (always putting in a good scene) and Seth Gamble meet years after their high school days, both of them off to a high school couple’s marriage — but not making it out the door before they inevitably hit the sheets to make up for lost time. The high points here include Mac, ever the pro, working Gamble’s groin with her round rump during cowgirl; reverse-cowgirl, showing off the delicious tan lines on Mac’s equally delicious bod, as she slowly, methodically pumps Gamble’s love pump; and spoon, displaying Mac’s rockin’ rear. Again, for some reason, doggie is missing here, though we do get a repeat (and it’s better than the first instance) of cowgirl, again focusing on Mac’s awesome ass. I also like that Mac whispers (among sundry other sweet nothings), “I want to make you feel good all of the time” to lucky Gamble, right before he pops his nut all over her stomach after passionate missionary.

I sincerely enjoyed this movie in that it’s easy-going and at times quite upbeat, while featuring good-looking women (especially Starletto and Voxxx!) engaging in good sex. Note to director Jacky St. James, however: Please do remember to always include doggie in each episode of your future in-and-outings of “First Times & Second Chances,” for which I’ll be eternally grateful. Otherwise, an all-around terrific title.

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