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Contact: Tiffany, the Perverse Angel

Published: 6/1/2021

Contact: Tiffany, the Perverse Angel

Dorcel unveils their newest series, “Contact,” which emphasizes audience immersion through eye contact from the female performer. Tiffany Leiddi serves as the inaugural star to undertake this unique approach to viewer engagement and she handles herself quite well.

I’ve seen concepts similar to this in porn before, but never quite executed in this fashion. The entire hook of Dorcel’s “Contact” series is the natural connection that is created when people look into each other’s eyes. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and Dorcel taps into that trope in a big way here. Sex scenes just feel different when the audience feels like they’re part of the action rather than just the voyeur. It’s one of the reasons POV scenes are so popular.

Director Fred Coppula takes it a step further here and instead of making the action feel like it’s from the point of view of the man doing the fucking, Coppula creates a vision where the woman feels like she’s inviting each individual viewer into the room with her and her partner. This project actually holds multiple hats. It’s a POV movie that is also a showcase. Tiffany is without a doubt the star in the spotlight here and she takes full advantage of the opportunity by enchanting the audience with her piercing gaze and inviting smile.

Leiddi is also so cute, eschewing makeup as she lets her ...continued below

natural freckles shine like the sexual magnets they are. Coupled with her sultry doe eyes, she offers an irresistible vision. The viewers get the chance to see her bathe in preparation for their adventure with her and one of the things that absolutely stands out is her impressive breasts and toned thighs. Tiffany is the total package and long before she accepts Ricky Mancini’s cock inside her, she wows the audience with her sculpted figure and enticing face.

The setting only enhances the sex as the sparkling pool and vibrant trees create the aesthetic of an intimate summer paradise. And each time the camera lingers on Tiffany’s face and she’s looking at us, we can feel her pussy clenching our own cocks just as it’s clenching Mancini’s. There are lots of close-ups here, which are used to effectively bring Tiffany closer to the audience, and never once does the camera forget how perfect her tits are. No matter the position, those magnificent mammaries have a starring role in the action. She’s also wonderful in cowgirl, bouncing her delicious bubble butt on Mancini’s cock with exuberance while never taking her eyes of the camera. Holy smokes Batman!

I like the uniqueness of this concept. POV scenes are commonplace so it’s nice to see a studio change up the formula. Tiffany was a great talent to introduce this series to audiences and her performance here will only elevate her star status.

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