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Lesbian Adventures

Published: 6/1/2021

Lesbian Adventures

“Lesbian Adventures” from Girlsway opens with “Private Cleaning Part 1,” starring Allie Haze and Georgia Jones. Georgia is a maid working for peanuts at a high-priced house. During the course of her duties, she discovers the owner’s plethora of sexual playthings: a Hitachi Wand vibrator, a strap-on and a dildo. She also finds some incredibly sexy lingerie that looks to be just her size. Overcome with curiosity, Georgia gets a kinky idea; she tries on some of the sexier pieces and streams a sexy video for her husband with her phone.

In the middle of her stream however, Mrs. Haze walks in on her and delivers an ultimatum; Georgia can either let Allie play with her the same way she was playing with Allie’s clothes, or she can find a different job. Georgia and Allie are both gorgeous so this is a dream pairing. I love the way Allie took the lead here, directing Georgia’s every move. Allie is a very sensual lover and her long, slow, licks were exactly what one might expect from a seasoned lesbian introducing the experience to someone who’s never been with a woman.

It felt almost nurturing, with Allie bringing Georgia along slowly and letting her digest the delight of a woman’s touch. It plays big into the “I’ve never been with a woman” girl/girl fantasy. There are some outstanding positions employed here, from Georgia stuffing her face into Allie’s ass from behind to the way Georgia settles her pussy onto Allie’s face while leaning against the bathtub.

Abella Danger and Vega Vixen star in the next scene, “The Art of Older Women Part 1.” Fashion writer Danger has just landed the opportunity of a lifetime; she’s been hired to write a piece on a fabulous designer (played by Vega Vixen). But when the model mogul is late for their appointment, the interview is on the verge of getting scrapped because Vega has to get ready for a shoot. She agrees to do the interview only if Abella is willing to do it while she gets ready. Unwilling to pass on the opportunity, Abella agrees and suddenly finds herself washing her idol’s naked body in the bathtub.

The aggressive Vega always gets what she wants, and it’s very clear what she wants in this moment. Unlike the previous scene where Allie is gentle and ...continued below

patient with first-time lesbian lover Georgia, Vega is aggressive and relentless as she grinds her pussy all over Abella’s face. Likewise, when Vega gets a taste of Abella’s pussy, she’s almost merciless with her tongue and fingers and Abella practically melts under the assault.

In “My Sex Therapist Part 1,” Elle Alexandra has been happily married to her husband Rob for a year, leaving her promiscuous past behind her. However, when an old girlfriend reaches out, her old feelings start to creep into her consciousness and she starts to question whether she made the right decision in getting married. Her doctor recommends she see sex therapist Celeste Star as she is an expert in the field. After a blistering interview, Elle finds herself overwhelmed with Star’s energy and logic, and before she knows it those old desires take over again.

The story here can be seen as simple, but the conversation between Elle and Celeste really raises some legitimate questions about how people view their sexual freedom as it relates to their ideas on relationship expectations. We know the sex is coming, but it’s worth it to take a moment and commend the writer here for broaching a subject that likely resonates with a large number of people. Elle is a beautiful woman and she watching her have sex is great. She feels soft and wholesome and is a perfect pairing for the salacious siren Celeste.

Don’t let Elle’s wholesome demeanor fool you though, there’s definitely a naughty nympho hiding in that girl next door face. Case-in-point, the moment when she folds Celeste in half on the desk and buries her face in the svelte woman’s pussy is downright wanton. As the scene progresses, Elle begins to take the lead and she ends up fully opening herself to her old desires. It’s a nice little journey that ends in explosive fashion. This is the film’s best scene, in my view.

Overall, this is a great collection from Girlsway. The scene choices work well together and could easily have been released together originally. There are some really good locations here and I think the color palettes of all three scenes really enhance the sexual action. It’s too bad some of these performers have moved on from the industry, but compilations like this are a great way to revisit their work.

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