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Les Demoiselles Du Confinement

Published: 6/1/2021

Les Demoiselles Du Confinement

From Jacquie et Michel comes “Les Demoiselles Du Confinement,” which translates as “Ladies of Confinement,” a movie made entirely in French — and given the film’s light-hearted music, plus the silly farcing about its performers engage in, it’s definitely a comedic feature. That being said, as I’m not fluent in French, I wasn’t entirely certain what was happening in terms of the dialogue and plot. But, hey, it’s porn! And in this romantic-but-raunchy romp, you have four sexy, horny babes in a mansion somewhere in the countryside desperately looking for Mr. Goodboner.

The first scene is a hum(p)dinger, with the very Rubenesque and charmingly bespectacled Lauren Walker involved in one sizzler of a tryst with Eddy Blackone in the mansion’s pantry. Lovers of bush will dig that Lauren is rather hairy down there, while I love how she looks up at Eddy through those huge, floppy, ‘70s-like glasses as she’s licking and gagging on his prick. Doggie with this incredibly juicy-assed specimen is a feature highlight, as Eddy pumps Lauren over a kitchen table. Walker looks like she’s in some kind of ecstatic daze as Eddy slams her missionary; our stud eventually shifting from vadge to anus, Walker now being totally beside herself from such a boisterous backdoor banging. And after some raging reverse-cowgirl-anal, wanton Walker sucks ready Eddy to eruption, the sperm just sliding down her throat. Magnifique!

Lovely blonde Madison McQueen plays a happy-go-fucky cheating wife who meats up with beefcake Alex Reed in a plush, roomy bathroom somewhere in the spacious joint, with the two delivering one volcanic sequence. I love that Madison wears her garters throughout her performance, this delicious vixen not putting in a bad position; going from standing-doggie, to reverse-cowgirl (see how she totally fucks that cock herself), to cowgirl (terrific tush on Mad), then spoon; Mad’s expressions of intense lust beautifully rounding off the whole steamy scene, before she takes a copious load ...continued below

d of Reed sauce into her mouth, swallowing most of it but sluttily leaving some dangling from her chin to her neckline. Love her!

Axel returns, this time to bang the buxom Casey Diaz, getting down in their own luxurious bathroom; Diaz’s best moments including reverse-cowgirl (Casey’s eyes literally cross from excitement), cowgirl (superb view of Casey’s fine fanny), spoon (her sloppy tits marvelously flow everywhere), spoon-anal (Casey’s looks as if she’s having a heart attack at this passion-point), and doggie-anal (our girl groaning as if Axel is wearin’ her down — in a good way!), before he (blam!) blows all over her face. Sweet.

And we end on a nuclear note, with the cuckolded husband of Madison McQueen, played by Rico Simmons, having a sizzling tete-a-tete with a bride-to-be (at least, she’s dressed up in a bride’s gown), played by Luna Rival, downstairs in a darkened den, with only the fireside atmospherically lighting them. Check out how Luna licks the tip of Rico’s rod during a ravenous blowjob. And what a derriere on Rival; Rico wasting no time in doggie drilling her, quickly moving from twat to tukus; followed by some smokin’ spoon-anal (I dig the bush on extraordinarily pretty Luna, who’s just so into getting ass-fucked!), reverse-cowgirl-anal (Luna — yes! — doing all of the work), and missionary-anal (allowing us to relish Rival’s gorgeous face and — slurp! — hairy pussy). It’s one barnburner of a finale.

Even though this feature has fierce anal penetrations in three of the four sequences, couples will, nonetheless, enjoy “Les Demoiselles du Confinement” for its tasteful settings, upbeat energy, fun music, and passionate sex; while hardcore viewers will totally love the fantastically attractive, deeply slutty female talent. As a “heads”-up, condoms are utilized in the scenes with Lauren and Madison, but the lads paired up with Casey and Luna go bareback. An all-around satisfying title, despite the language barrier. Bon appetit!

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