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True Anal Love 7

Published: 6/1/2021

True Anal Love 7

Geezo! Director/performer Mike Adriano really outdid himself securing the superlative anal talent featured in this lucky seventh edition of “True Anal Love.” All of the ass-fuck-loving vixens look devastatingly beautiful, while performing ever so sluttily (yes!), including two of my all-time faves, brunette vamp Jennifer White and redheaded voluptuous cutie Siri Dahl.

And, c’mon — you can never go wrong with the incomparable, insatiable, inimitable Jennifer White, who was simply born for porn, as she fully proves in her brilliantly salacious scene with Logan Long. Aside from a scrumptious porn face (lover her dreamy eyes, playfully wicked smirk and long dark hair), Jen has a firm pair of all-natural tits, as well as a perfectly formed butt (taut and luscious), while our veteran star acts as if she just entered the business. She’s that fresh and rarin’ to go! Aside from delivering numerous formidable deepthroats, Jen is equally fantastic during cowgirl and doggie (oil drenching her killer bod/booty), while she loves (so do I!) how Logan goes back and forth ‘tween her pussy and butt during missionary, making her squirt into the camera, which she licks clean. Way to go, Jen! She also eats Logan-ass, gapes superlatively (and prolifically), and simply adores a good old-fashioned ATM; Long eventually spurting up her butthole, with Jen squeezing it all out onto a plastic spoon and devouring the still-steaming jizz. White on! You’re the best, Jen!

The very cheery Lilly Hall is a giggling treasure (all-natural, as are all of the lusty lassies in this gonzo), lactating for us with her fine titties (“You didn’t know you were gonna have milk with your cereal today, did you?” she jokes), this bawdy brunette (reminding me a young Francesca Le) giving a grand suck-off (lotsa saliva), eating Logan-ass (voraciously!), and scoring big points during reverse-cowgirl-anal, shot from Logan’s perspective, with Lill’s large, healthy, oiled-up butt cakes wildly gyrating. Great rhythm, Hall honey! She also gapes like a pro and looks (as you&rsquo ...continued below

o;ve surely guessed) outstanding during doggie-anal, what with that shiny big ass, eventually getting a large deposit o’ Logan liquid-love during this same position. Lill even frosts a cookie with the froth and eats it — but not before putting “milk” on top. Didn’t expect milk and cookies in a “True Anal Love” movie, did ya?

Big-boobed and –butted Siri Dahl is an all-around juicy sweetheart who looks and acts like a horny college chick; here getting seriously ass-fucked by the ever-returning Logan Long. “I’m an anal slut, and I used to not be an anal slut,” Siri delightfully confesses. But now she loves it all. I myself love her black fishnet body stocking, while her tits are large and soft enough to fuck, which Logan happily does. She’s a ridiculously cute thing who’s just so photogenic. Check out, by the way, how she undulates her ass while on her knees simultaneously getting throat-fucked by Logan. She’s also a fine gaper and man-ass eater. Cowgirl-anal a la Dahl is a movie highlight with that protuberant, shiny ass jiggling everywhere. And with a heavenly derriere like Siri’s, doggie-anal is not to be missed! I adore Siri’s sincere smiles and adorable expressions of ecstasy during missionary-anal, during which she also performs ATMs; Loag eventually exploding inside her, with Siri being beside herself (“I’m so happy!” she sincerely pants). I wanna see everything she’s in!

Lastly, Vanessa Vega is a fun little spinner with beaming smile and one dynamite pair o’ bountiful butt cheeks, with Mike Adriano finally getting in on the action and totally ass-banging this babe-a-roo, who definitely soars during doggie-anal (primo gaping action), is incredibly energetic (bouncy, bounce!) during reverse-cowgirl-anal, loves a good ATM and face-fucking, and just looks phenomenal during missionary-anal with that magnetic smile, meaty butt and succulent twat; Adriano ultimately dumping a cream pie into her butthole during doggie. Mama!

“True Anal Love 7” is a winner from start to finish, with Jennifer White (yeowza!) and Siri Dahl (slurp!) being topnotch; although Lilly Hall and Vanessa Vega aren’t exactly chopped liver, either! All in all, fucking nuclear!

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