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German Lovers

Published: 6/1/2021

German Lovers

As a waitress at a quaint cafe surrounded by the beautiful German countryside, Julia Parker has seen just how powerful a romantic setting can be. The pristine lake and robust trees create an amorous backdrop and Julia has watched couple after couple discover, rekindle and submerse themselves in love, lust and passion under its irresistible influence. But has this haven of love worked its magic on Julia herself or has her love life remain untouched by its spell?

Jasmine Rouge and Titus Steel:

The film opens with Julia welcoming the audience to the proverbial theater. Some good editing accompanies Julia’s introduction, including a beautifully captured shot of a soft sunset. The first couple we meet is Jasmine Rouge and Titus Steel. Their story is told through a 90s-style romcom montage. When the couple finally reaches their apartment, Titus tells Jasmine that after spending the last few days together, he thinks he’s falling in love with her. She responds in kind and we’re off to the sex! One of my favorite things about this scene is the fact that Jasmine kept her dress on the whole time as there’s just something extra hot about partially-dressed sex. The best moment is the missionary in the chair. Jasmine just gazes into Titus’ eyes as he pumps her gleefully. Her tits have a slight bounce to them as he hits her and the look in her eyes is smoldering.

Daphne Klyde and Mark Aurel:

The next story is about Mark who has broken his leg and is waiting for his in-home nurse to arrive. That nurse is Daphne Klyde and she turns out to be more than helpful! Daphne wastes little time getting down to business. After helping Mark secure his brace, she shoves his cock down her throat. It doesn’t take long before she’s completely naked and Mark is balls deep inside her. Daphne is quite the squirt queen whether she’s getting fucked in her pussy or her ass (both of which happen with vigor in this scene) and she drenches the floor more than once. The anal is particularly aggressive and it’s clear that Daphne loves having her ass filled. Her enthusiasm makes the scene work.

Coco Kiss and Stefan Steel:

This story is romantic fare at its best. Like the first tale, we get no dialogue but lots of exposition through exterior shots and music. The scene is actually a bit of a flashback as we first see the couple after they’ve already had sex. All their hand-holding and easy conversation at Julia’s cafe happens after the sex, but the scene shifts from that moment in time to the moments preceding the sex without much warning. Coco is lounging on a bench in a secluded walking trail and with the area seemingly all to herself, she starts to masturbate. Stefan happens upon her in the moment and the couple decides to have an impromptu romp in a nearby gazebo. Coco gives Stefan a queen blowjob that is slow, slurpy and sensual before he climbs atop her for the main event. The doggie is quite nice as Coco is really into it and she keeps her legs spread just enough for the audience to get an eyeful of Stefan’s shaft pumping in and out of her.

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Sofia Lee and Dominic:

This couple also finds themselves swept away by the romantic backdrop of the lake and its gorgeous surroundings. Like the previous scene, we see the post-sex romance elements, then we jump to the pre-sex meeting and finish with the sex itself. Dominic meets Sofia when she accidentally parks behind him, blocking him in. She’s just moved to the city and doesn’t have a place to stay. Being the gentleman that he is, Dominic offers to let her stay with him, and Sofia is predictably grateful. This leads to a nice sex scene in Dominic’s apartment between him and the voluptuous Sofia. Her massive rack (holy cow) is prominent throughout the scene and her breathy exclamations of delight match her cute demeanor. After watching their fun sex, it’s quite the romantic treat to think about the scene’s opening sequence where they stroll hand in hand along the dock with the sun setting and the breeze rustling Sofia’s raven locks.

Julia Parker and Don Diego:

The audience finally gets to see where Julia’s love life stands and it turns out to be a bit of a tragedy. Julia reminisces about the fateful day she met Don Diego. As she stood on a cobblestone bridge overlooking a quiet street, Don came careening towards her on his scooter and crashed at her feet. She helped him up and when they locked eyes it was love at first sight. This meeting led to a summer’s long tryst between the young couple. Unfortunately, Diego had to leave at summer’s end for a two-year internship outside the country. Suddenly, the audience aches for Julia, who has been silently tormented by all the love surrounding her at her romantic cafe while suffering the unexpected departure of her own lover. That’s good storytelling.

One fateful day, Diego returns and despite their time apart, the lovers pick up right where they left off. The sex here is slow and purposeful, as if the couple is relishing the fact that they’re finally able to be together again. Julia slurps Don’s cock like she’s enjoying a delicious appetizer at a fancy restaurant and he returns her hunger in kind when he munches her box. Diego ends up taking Julia’s tight ass gently (at first) while laying atop her back and the visual is crazy hot. The intensity builds between the two and the longer they fuck, the more vigorous Diego gets. This makes perfect sense considering the lovers have been apart for two years and didn’t even know if they’d see each other again. The sex fits the dynamic perfectly and Julia’s asshole is the glorious recipient of all that pent-up sexual tension.

This is the strongest feature-esque movie I’ve ever seen from Private as most of their films tend to be of the all-sex variety. While the narrative is light, with Julia and the location serving as the connection between all the scenes, her encounter with Don Diego really pulls the narrative together and creates that feature feel. Julia is not only the narrative highlight, but the sexual one as well. Her performance is full of emotion and the way she and Diego approach their sex is enhanced by their story.

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