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Lesbian Ass Worshippers 2

Published: 6/1/2021

Lesbian Ass Worshippers 2

Released nearly a year after its predecessor, “Lesbian Ass Worshippers 2” picks up right where the original left off. The cast is great (especially Raven Rockette) and the sex is an example of kink-serving at its finest. There’s a strong sense of animalistic satisfaction attached to the idea of eating ass and this series knows exactly how to entice those who aren’t afraid to give in to their sexual depravity.

Carter Cruise and Raven Rockette:

Fresh off her crowning as Ms. Tomatopatch in her small Kentucky town, Mavis Morris (Cruise) packs up her entire life to chase the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles in hopes of becoming a big time model. After signing with top agency Russell and Cunningham, Carter’s agent hustles her off to Dr. Vespola’s office to get a breast enlargement. While she’s there, the pushy, no-nonsense doctor bullies Carter into getting an ass job as well, which feels like a bit much to the small town country girl. Luckily for her, Dr. Vespola’s assistant (Rockette) talks her out of it, reminding her that she’s already beautiful and shouldn’t have to change her body to chase her dreams.

A grateful Carter decides to cancel her appointments, and Raven can’t help but flirt a little bit with her. Before she knows it, Carter is embracing her in a passionate kiss and it’s go time. As the focus here is on the nice butts, there’s plenty of anal play. Raven thumbs Carter’s asshole while slurping on her pussy, she stuffs her face full between Carter’s ass cheeks while rimming her aggressively, and Carter returns all those delicious favors in kind with matching vigor. Raven Rockette is pretty spectacular and this scene was more than enough for me to put her on my watch list.

Jessa Rhodes and Gina Valentina:

Gina Valentina finds herself in a serious conundrum; she’s recently learned the guy she’s been into for a long time is into eating ass and she cannot handle the idea. She confides in her friend Jessa who is shocked to learn that Gina has never had the pleasure. As an ass connoisseur herself, Jessa vows to show Gina exactly what she’s been missing. Gina is hesitant, but she trusts her friend and Jessa promises to be gentle with her. There’s an incredible amount of kissing to start this scene which sets a very horny tone.

And there’s an excitement that permeates the air as the audience anticipates the moment that Jessa’s tongue finally finds Gina’s asshole. We all want to se ...continued below

how she’s going to react and that’s a credit to the storytelling. When Jessa’s tongue does find the promised land, Gina’s reaction is everything the viewer hoped for. Once the proverbial cherry has been popped, Gina becomes voracious for more and Jessa is happy to oblige her. There’s a moment where Gina reaches back and grabs Jessa’s hair, shoving her face into her cheeks while grinding her hips against Jessa’s rampaging tongue that is absolute gold.

Jennifer White and Whitney Wright:

Girlfriends Jennifer and Whitney arrive at their Airbnb only to find the room to be not quite what they booked. With tensions running high because of their looming big game, the two lovers clash over old insults and current stress. All that pent up energy turns into an inevitable and delectable sexual release. There are two cool moments here. First, the fact that Whitney has a butt plug in the entire time, and second, watching Jennifer grind her ass on Whitney’s face while Whitney rubs her own clit. There’s not a scene in the movie that captures the spirit of ass worship better than this sequence, in my view. It’s astounding. There’s plenty of other toy play to enjoy here as well, making it clear that Whitney had big, sexy, butt plans for her and her girlfriend from the moment they set foot in the room. The anal piledriver is the perfect way to end this sodomitic romp.

Britney Amber and Ivy Lebelle:

A distraught Britney Amber shows up at Ivy Lebelle’s house unexpectedly with an odd request and the dynamic between these two lovely ladies is quite unique. Britney is married to Todd, who at one point cheated with Ivy. Despite a bitter clash between the three lovers, Britney was ultimately able to reconcile with her husband, which left Ivy on the outside looking in. However, Britney discovers that Todd has an obsession with anal sex and she’s worried that if she doesn’t service that need, he’ll stray again. As Ivy is the only woman Britney knows that’s into that sordid act, she swallows her pride and comes to her former rival for help.

The kink of anal training is well-served here. The more Ivy fondles Britney’s asshole, the more wild Britney gets as she experiences pleasures she never knew were possible. When Ivy starts introducing various toys to Britney’s butt hole, the timid woman explodes with ass shattering orgasms. Ivy keeps up a soft barrage of naughty talk throughout the encounter which seems to drive Britney more and more crazy as the sex progresses.

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