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My First Cream Pie #22

Published: 6/1/2021

My First Cream Pie #22

Both Cara May (a new favorite of mine) and Vanna Bardot totally shine in this popular cream pie series from Team Skeet, with Scarlett Snow and Dana Wolf also putting in fine, dick-hardening performances.

But hey, it doesn’t get any juicier and better than scrumptious little May, here getting totally pounded every which way as she plays a sex surrogate for her stepparents, the mother of which is having a hard time having a baby — and with May putting in her usual ridiculously horny suck/fuck scene. May just has such a pretty face, aside from her top-to-bottom smoking, curvaceous, voluptuous body. And she’s good at playing the slightly hesitant stepdaughter, who’s still willing to help her folks out. There just isn’t a bad position with magnificent Miss May. What a marvy deepthroater she is, even letting her stepdaddy (played by Johnny Castle) titty-fuck her (yes, her all-natural boobs are that big).

Missionary lets you witness those same hefty hooters undulating, while it’s a turn-on seeing her look helplessly at her stepmom as her stepdad hammers away at her breathless figure. We get to really appreciate those knock-out knockers during reverse-cowgirl, while May’s killer ass rocks during cowgirl. It’s more much-welcomed tit-swaying/circulating during spoon, while May’s jutting-out ass is totally irresistible. May’s sincere moanings and groanings are so incredibly arousing, too. And, of course, doggie is out of this world with our juicy-as-fuck gal — Dad eventually poppin’ inside her during this otherworldly May position. Just can’t get enough o’ May!

Pretty, blue-eyed, redheaded Scarlett Snow gets it on with older dude Stirling Cooper in a huge, upscale, tasteful home, with Snow and Stirling heatedly getting it on soon after he’s prepared her a bagel and they head outside for a swim. The relationship between the two isn’t really explained, but it doesn’t matter. We just know that they’re fucking for the first time, and it’s a barnburner — eventu ...continued below

lly. At first, Snow is hesitant (“I just don’t know if I’m ready for that yet”), but she soon (thankfully) eases up. They get it on upon a chaise lounge chair in the shade near the pool, with doggie being great and missionary perhaps even better, since we get to witness the hesitant, nervous, totally aroused expressions on pretty Snow’s face, just before Cooper creams inside her — after which, he’s way nervous about what he’s done, too. And Snow’s a good little actress, while I’ve always thought Cooper was an excellent actor.

The final scene with Dana Wolf and Logan Long is fine, especially the nasty manner Wolf just, well, wolfs down Logan-log in the movie’s best BJ sequence. And her cream pie during cowgirl (which showcases her fine fanny) is a good one. But it’s the penultimate scene in which, next to May’s episode, Vanna Bardot (love the braces and pigtails) provides the movie’s true second highlight, with her husband filming their sucking/fucking with his iPhone to jazz up their down-in-the-doldrums sex life — and Bardot never making a wrong move (as usual). So pretty to look at, Bardot is never boring when she sucks dick — which she does in a creative manner, using her tongue, sucking the shaft, covering the balls, the head, her mouth going deep. Good stuff!

Vanna’s tanned spinner’s body is choice during reverse-cowgirl and missionary, while (man!) does she ever work that tasty tuchas during cowgirl. Such an energetic little chickadee. Doggie lets you further appreciate Bardot’s beautiful butt (not too big, not too small) — and our lucky lothario eventually blowin’ his wad way up inside this major babe during missionary. It’s a funny ending, too.

There’s a lot of energy in this cream pie entry, with each of the four ladies performing memorably, but it’s especially worth getting for the electric episodes featuring Cara May (love her to death!), as well as totally cute Vanna Bardot. Worth looking into — the movie and both May and Bardot!

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