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Living Vicariously

Published: 6/1/2021

Living Vicariously

Lots of Pure Taboo titles are perfect for Halloween. Creepy. Strange. Disturbing. Terrifying. But, hell, why not make Halloween every day of the year? — especially if you like weird/horror/suspense stories. And “Living Vicariously” offers a pair of doozies; including the title yarn, followed by “Taking Care of Mother,” both of which also feature scalding threesomes: a girl-girl-boy and boy-boy-girl, respectively (the latter, in “Mother,” leading to nuclear double penetrations); while both torrid, somewhat twisted tales are extremely well-acted (some of the best I’ve seen this year!), in particular by stars Natalie Knight and Nathan Bronson in “Living”, along with Syren De Mer in/as “Mother.”

In “Living Vicariously,” we get a chilling scenario involving obsession, revenge and carnality, with Natalie Knight, Nathan Bronson and Jane Wilde totally delivering the goods. We start with Natalie running scared, literally, in the streets from something, someone, until she finally gets home and securely locks herself in. Is she safe? Ha! Just as Nat peeks out her window, the specter-like image of a sinisterly smiling Jane Wilde is manically looking in at her. Natalie freaks, hurriedly closes the drapes and calls her best friend, played by Nathan Bronson, who quickly comes over to settle Nat down.

But then Wilde suddenly appears in the house, as if some kind of malevolent ghost. She is, to some degree. Wielding a knife like Norma Bates, Wilde can’t forgive Natalie’s character for stealing her boyfriend, even though Knight broke up with the guy a while back. In turn, Wilde just won’t stop following Knight. Wilde even scares the hell outta the huge, muscular Bronson. So, is there a way out? There is. Perhaps. That is, Wilde wants Knight to fuck Bronson, then, and only then, will she leave Natalie alone.

“If I let him fuck me,” Knight asks Wilde of Bronson, “will you stop this? — all of this?” “Sure,” Wilde states with an eerie smile. “But you have to let him fuck you exactly as I tell him to.” Knight agrees, “Okay, I’ll do it.”

Ah, then we see the underlying sexual tension be ...continued below

ween Knight and Bronson erupt, with their platonic relationship — which Bronson always resented — quickly going off the rails, manifesting itself in an gnarly threesome. Wilde delights in the anger rising from Bronson towards Knight, who isn’t sure of her feelings towards Nathan, all of which is magnificently acted by the two of them. Best moments, erotically speaking, include Wilde showing Knight how to gag on Bronson’s boner; Knight getting her thin, muscular, yet highly tasty body doggied by Bronson; Wilde riding Bronson reverse-cowgirl and having Knight eat her pussy ... And, no, I won’t spoil the far-from-happy ending for you.

In “Taking Care of Mother,” we get MILF Syren De Mer (who looks superb with her full all-natural boobs and juicy ass) unleashing a brilliant performance herself, playing a disturbed stepmother who’s almost a basket case after her husband’s sudden death; with her stepsons, played by the manipulative Ricky Spanish and the impish Alex Jett (the latter reminding me of late cult film star Michael J. Pollard), exploiting their stepmom’s frailty, leading to the devious lads shamelessly fucking her to the max — including numerous ass-bangings and double penetrations — upon the bed in which she and her late husband slept. “I’ll do what you want,” the emotionally broken, highly vulnerable Syren tells the boys. “Just don’t leave me.”

Aside from her fantastic acting job throughout, Syren also delivers one fiery suck/fuck fest; highlights being her choking on each lad’s cock separately, while trying to communicate to the boys verbally (it’s humorous and unsettling); Syren getting majorly doggied anally by each youth, with De Mer’s luscious ass cheeks wildly vibrating; and, of course, a brace of outrageous doggie double penetrations, with each fella taking a crack at stepmom’s crack. I won’t ruin the ending here, either. You just gotta see it for yourself.

“Living Vicariously” is definitely one of the best anthology installments of the year, with Natalie Knight and Syren De Mer both sexually and dramatically shining. And, hell, Bronson’s a pretty darn good actor/performer himself. Highly recommended.

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