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He Made Her Squirt Vol. 2

Published: 6/1/2021

He Made Her Squirt Vol. 2

Thar she blows! Whoa! I don’t know where these women keep it! I mean, some of ‘em can actually squirt on demand! Or should I say “gush” on demand? Not only is this title nasty and filled with sexy-as-fuck-women, but it’s great for couples wanting to experiment in the art of dam-busting.

And we begin with one of the best scenes in the movie, featuring blonde firebrand Adira Allure, getting seriously banged by Ramon Nomar, with our tasty gal squirting up quite the storm. The humor in this story is stellar when Ramon is on his knees eating Adira against a wall in a plush home and she asks him, “Are you ready for your surprise?” and (ker-blang!) she blows squirt all over his surprised face and “favorite shirt.” But bent Nomar loves it! Doggie is grand with such a fantastic fanny on Adira.

And check out how she goes cross-eyed from ecstasy during all positions, abundantly squirting upon a plastic upholstered couch. A good deepthroater, Adira repeats her gushing during reverse-cowgirl and missionary, while she marvelously works her wiggly butt during cowgirl (a movie highlight to me, with our girl liking a good choking, as well); Ramon returning to mushy missionary and delivering horny-as-hell Adira a romantic creampie. Why don’t you squirt that in Ramon’s face, Adira baby? But he helps by scooping out the jizz and feeding it to Allure like baby food. So ac-cum-modating, that Ramon. And — would you believe? — he gets her to squirt one last time. Yeah!

I also enjoyed naughty brunette Isabella Nice, who gets wet and wild with Jason Moody; our girl Izzy being such a meaty little morsel, she looks particularly outstanding during doggie and cowgirl (what a Nice rump on her); and, even though she’s not as prolific in the water department as Adira, it’s still a joy seeing her try her damndest to ...continued below

xplode, which she does best during missionary after some heavy duty clit manipulation from Jace.

The lusciously curved Keira Croft is another juicy specimen, delivering probably the best deep throat in the entire movie (where does she put all o’ that baguette?) with plenty of saliva all over RobbyEcho’s tool; Keira squirting quite the load during a slow and passionate session of missionary, while positively erupting (a few times!) during reverse-cowgirl; and I love how she revolves her fine fanny during cowgirl and pants a “thank you” to Robby during doggie before she erupts again, amidst ass-spanks; and check out her intense eye contact with Rob and debauch dribbles during missionary, before Echo lathers her twat with man sauce — Croft returning the flavor with even more girlie goo. Damn!

DVD cover girl and pixie extraordinaire Macy Meadows finishes up our quartet of drenching damsels, here paired up with Codey Steele; Mace shamefully calling her squirting “uncontrollable,” much to kinky Code’s delight; our newborn newbie really getting me hard during doggie, at which point the little spinner lets out a solid stream of love after some serious salami slamming. She also lets loose during missionary, where we get to fully appreciate Macy’s choice mammaries, while I love how she works her tight little butt during cowgirl, rubbing her squirt all over that raging slab o’ Steele. Many more Mace ejaculations follow, believe me; Code ultimately white washing her cute, happy-to-be-frosted face.

“He Made Her Squirt 2” is loaded with fun kink and high energy, thanks to Paul Woodcrest’s excellent direction; each of the four featured fab fire hydrants really showing off their blasting techniques (who needs lube with these female geysers?!), while also devouring cock with mouth and muff like the ever-famished foxes they are. Recommended!

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