Ripe 10

Published: 6/1/2021

Ripe 10

Yep, you just can’t keep a good stud down. No, sir. I’m talkin’ about none other than Mr. Ubiquitous himself, Manny Ferrara, who just keeps pumping the foxy ladies, pumping out the scenes and pumping out the nasty gonzos we like to watch and whack to. And in his latest lovingly lascivious installment of “Ripe,” Mr. MF gives us four foxy fuck dolls who — from head to toe, inside/out — were born for porn!

Gizelle Blanco is a cute brown-haired chick with one helluva juicy ass, which Manny absolutely puts to good use in this hellacious first scene. After fucking Gizelle’s mouth silly, he humps this delightfully quivering mass of soft, warm flesh missionary and spoon, after which he gets rimmed (lucky fucker!), does her cowgirl (or she does him, rather), and then we get (the big reward) some slammin’ doggie featuring that incredibly large, cushy butt on Blanco; although missionary lets us fully enjoy Gizelle’s succulent twat, her jiggling all-natch tits and her lovely, big-lipped, horny face before Manny blows a copious load o’ jizz over Giz’s mouth and chin. Smokin’!

Mila Monet is a pretty brunette — also all-natural like Gizelle, as well as all of the featured fresh vixens in “Ripe 10” — who rocks during reverse-cowgirl, shot from Manny’s perspective, so it looks like doggie; watch how she slowly, sluttily rotates her beautiful puffy pussy all over that blood-enriched dick; and you’ll enjoy seeing little Monet get surprised when Ma ...continued below

nny suddenly erupts cum right into her left eyeball. She even innocently giggles. Love her.

Purple-haired Winter Jade is a steamin’ pixie who knows how to choke well on cock, as well as work her tight, petite body all over said penis; cowgirl being an exceptionally energetic position for Winter (she does all of the work!), while it’s also marvy just seeing her eyes so sleepy with arousal during pounding missionary. Check out, too, how, after Winter gets a major blast in the face with Manny man-paste, Winter just keeps on suckin’ that prick. Good girl!

And, lastly, we have blonde, big-assed, big-boobed Lilly Bell, who’s quite gorgeous, as well as way passionate (she loves to kiss!), really goin’ to town on Manny meat with her deepthroating action, including tons upon tons of spit (yes!); while you’re gonna love her ass-jiggling antics during cowgirl and doggie (she’s another girl who does all of the work!); also, she doesn’t mind eating (hooray!) Manny’s manhole; with frenzied Ferrara ultimately, wildly spraying her hungry mouth fulla Ferrara froth; lil’ Lilly swallowing it all down whole. Awesome!

Brown-hair, brunette, redhead, blonde — you get all types of young, all-natural beauties who love to suck and fuck in “Ripe 10,” with all of the ladies putting in truly fine scenes; though I do have a soft/hard spot for opening babe Gizelle and closing sweetie Lilly. Definitely worth checking out. Trust me, with this fearsome foursome of fresh female flesh, you will not be disappointed.

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