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Mom Bush 2

Published: 6/1/2021

Mom Bush 2

MYLF presents an anthology of self-branded scenes spanning a diverse array of titles, with a focus on women who rock a healthy bush downstairs.

Ariella Ferrera (“Pool Boy Fantasy”):

The first scene features Ariella Ferrera and her monstrous mammaries in the classic pool boy porn fantasy. Her target is a conventionally young man who is easily rattled by the sultry siren. Arielle picks up on his weakness immediately and wastes no time taking advantage of him, coercing him into stripping out of his clothes and into a too-small speedo. After rubbing some lotion on her back, Arielle suggests they cool off in the outdoor shower (what a beautiful location) and it’s all over for the young man. I do love a good side missionary and we get a short but sweet one here. The camera operator also does a good job utilizing crash zooms to get the audience focused on some of the more intense action. POV is also incorporated into the scene which works well to create a sense of immersion because the camera zooms right in on Ariella’s soft eyes. The close-up creampie finish ends the encounter on a naughty note.

Britney Amber and Logan Pierce (“Nerds are Better in Bed”):

Britney Amber narrates the next tale describing her encounter with a nerdy younger guy she meets on a dating app. After accidentally swiping right on his profile, she doesn’t have the heart to tell the sweet young man (Logan Pierce) the truth. Instead she returns his awkward, flirtatious advances and eventually the two decide to meet. The conversation eventually turns to sex with Britney mentioning how good she is at giving head and Logan admitting his never given nor received. This leads to a fantastic blowjob full of spit, deep throating and face humping, followed by Logan sending Britney to the moon with his tongue on her clit. The performers stay in the fantasy of the nerdy novice guy who surprises the sexually experienced older women, especially the way Britney nearly explodes as Logan feasts on her pussy hungrily. There are some solid POV shots incorporated into the scene and Logan works Britney over pretty good. She looks great as usual (the folded missionary was super hot) and her well-groomed bush

Sheena Ryder (“Some Girls Like it Rough”):

After an affair that has gone on for far too long, Sheena has decided to stop her adulterous behavior and rededicate herself to her husband. However, when her clandestine lover comes home and she tries to le ...continued below

ave him, he forcibly reminds her exactly why she started fucking him in the first place. She’s a woman who likes to be dominated and put in her place. The excitement that accompanies the social taboo of being disrespected makes her feel alive. She’s thrilled by the thought of being punished by her master. She yearns for the touch of a lover who refuses to be gentle. This scene immerses itself fully and completely in the dom/sub fantasy and it’s not afraid to push the boundaries of comfort. Sheena is slapped, pinched, choked and fucked hard and without mercy from the moment her dress gets ripped from her taught, gorgeous body. The laid down doggie is the perfect way to conclude this scene as it totally captures the spirit of this aggressive fantasy.

Aaliyah Love and Quinton James (“Bush Invasion”):

This scene is a parody of the infamous opening sequence from the film “Scream.” Aaliyah is enjoying an evening snack while she watches a film in her night attire (all the tropes) when she gets a creepy phone call. She’s understandably unnerved, and when the perpetrator appears in the room bathed in sinister shadows, Aaliyah retreats to her bedroom. Just when all hope seems lost, her pursuer reveals himself as her boyfriend and Aaliyah enjoys a moment of relief. However, that relief is short-lived as her boyfriend presses her roughly against the wall, reminding her that this is the fantasy she wanted. And just like that, Aaliyah (and the audience) comes to the understanding that there is no respite in store for her. She is going to live out her fantasy of being sexually accosted by a home invader right now, in this moment, no matter what. Quinton is very aggressive with Aaliyah from the start. He pins her against the wall and fucks her from behind immediately, then throws her to her knees and ravages her throat with his cock. James also takes Aaliyah aggressively from behind both kneeling and laying down and both positions are wonderfully arousing.

This is a film that gets better as it progresses. The rising action encompasses the first two scenes, the climax is easily Sheena Ryder’s scene, and the falling action is Aaliyah’s outro with Quinton James. The structure here is good as the audience is taken on a very clear and satisfying journey. If you’re a fan of Sheena Ryder or hardcore fantasies you definitely need to watch this film. If you just like hot sex with seasoned women who rock a sexy bush you’ll be equally satisfied with this one.

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