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Survive the Night

Published: 6/1/2021

Survive the Night

Eric and Carrie Stanfield (Xander Corvus and Sabrina Rouge) are occupied caring for their dying father when a cavalcade of strangers arrives at his estate unexpectedly, each claiming to have received a summons. The Stanfield's world is upended when their father is murdered. Now Eric must figure out who’s responsible before the killer strikes again. Is it his father’s old hunting buddy Rick Brickhouse (Stirling Cooper), his estranged wife Donna Wellington (Alexis Fawx), his mysterious mistress Sienna Malik (Ivy Lebelle) or someone else? Whomever it is, time is running out for everyone in the house as the killer grows more desperate to tie up loose ends.

Written by Mikey Douglas, this intriguing whodunit is clearly inspired by the mainstream hit “Knives Out.” The mystery elements are well done with clues to the culprit’s identity inserted nicely within the story. Shrewd viewers should figure this tale out relatively early, but the ride is still darn enjoyable and the climactic twist is worth waiting for.

“Chapter One (In which the family is visited by mysterious guests)”:

The audience is introduced to Eric Stanfield and Mr. Stanfield’s maid Sarah Jenkins as the film opens. The family patriarch is nearly dead and Eric is understandably disturbed. When the doorbell rings, Sarah finds multiple strangers claiming they’ve been summoned by Mr. Stanfield, presumably to discuss his beneficiary. Stanfield’s estranged wife Donna is a drunk who he’s been paying to live in Barcelona, while Brickhouse is a cocky yet seemingly compassionate hunter who calls things like he sees them. Stanfield’s mistress Sienna is as sultry as she is mysterious.

While Eric and Carrie have no idea who any of them are, Carrie wastes no time deciding exactly who she’d like to get to know better. She follows Sienna to her room and offers to pay her for one night of passion. Sabrina Rouge is a total siren in this scene. She’s sultry, hungry and dirty. She keeps up a steady stream of naughty talk as Ivy laps at her pussy and asshole, and she happily buries her entire face in Ivy’s ass while spreading her ...continued below

legs whorishly to rub her own clit. She’s a little sex fiend.

“Chapter Two (In which the father is murdered, and accusations abound)”:

The next day the ensemble finds Mr. Stanfield stabbed to death and suddenly everyone is a suspect. Rather than call the police, Eric declares no one is to leave the estate until he can figure out who’s responsible. Now blessed with an abundance of time and opportunity, Donna offers Rick a drink in her bedroom. Stirling really pounds Alexis out in this scene; spreading her legs and hammering her vigorously in multiple positions. Alexis’ amazing tits are front and center for most of the action and Cooper gets them rocking like buoys on the tide. He eventually blasts a massive load all over those grade A tits and Alexis’ face.

Chapter Three (In which the son learns a disturbing truth from the mistress)”:

Meanwhile, Sienna reveals to Eric that his father promised her the inheritance and she vows to share it with him if he finds it. As proof of her commitment she offers him the chance to fuck her … anywhere. This ends up in a raunchy anal and my word is it wonderful. Ivy’s got a dynamite booty and Xander folds her in all manner of positions while spearing her perfect asshole.

“Chapter Four (In which everything is explained and loose ends are tied up)”:

The narrative climax happens all at once and the final sex scene features Giselle Palmer getting her turn with Corvus. The energy here is good as Xander rails Giselle in a way that feels aggressive but not overly intense. Giselle feels properly overwhelmed with the pleasure of Xander’s pulsing cock filling her up, but she maintains a measure of control over the sex as well. She sports an ample bush and like so many in this film, her tits are fabulous.

This is a well-written film that benefits doubly from a strong cast and good direction. More feature porn should focus on mysteries like this because the genre lends itself to sexual shenanigans. Digital Playground is, in my opinion, experiencing a feature renaissance over the last year with some strong feature-style series projects coming out of the studio.

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