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Published: 6/28/2021


Legendary director Axel Braun introduces his newest brainchild: a series that brings the concept of a high-end fashion magazine to life and infuses it with hardcore sex. Braun has always had an expert eye, breathing life into sex using stunning visuals.

Skye Blue and Will Pounder:

Former fashion model Blue is the perfect choice to introduce “Glamcore” to the audience. The synthesized song matches her confident attitude perfectly. Her slick blonde locks are a striking contrast to her dark eyeshadow (which matches her form-fitting black skirt), and she’s noticeably braless under her sleeveless gray turtleneck sweater. From watching her cruise the streets of L.A. to witnessing her fondle herself sultrily against the red leather interior of her Mercedes, the sequence is a winner. When she walks into the apartment where Pounder (dressed in a sharp black and white pants/shirt/vest/ensemble) awaits, the couple gets right to business. Holy cow, does Blue know how to move; she does this swivel thing with her hips that is subtle yet sexy. The spoon on the table is also fabulous, and the fact that both Blue and Pounder keep so many of their clothes on enhances the fashion focus of the movie.

Kiara Cole and John Strong:

“Glamcore” is Cole’s Wicked Pictures debut, and what a debut it is! Dressed in a simple black turtleneck dress that’s barely long enough, she saunters across a busy overpass brimming with confidence as her dress rides up her hips to expose her panty-less crotch. We also see Cole posing for risqué photos with a bold modern-style painting as the backdrop. The sultry siren eventually parks herself in Strong’s bar and starts rubbing her pussy as she teasingly glances at him. It’s no accident that the wall of the bar framing the couple is a giant panting of a scandalously dressed woman because Braun’s ability to incorporate the setting into the visual story is outstanding.

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Alexis Tae and Seth Gamble:

This set is a callback to the red light districts of seedy city nightlife. We’re all familiar with the mythology of the alluring seductress dressed in black that tempts good men into unsavory sexual encounters, often corrupting the helpless souls and transforming them into depraved versions of themselves. Dressed in knee-high patent leather boots, a sleek pea coat and sheer underwear, Tae is that exact vision. She lives up to the reputation, bringing out a carnal savagery in Gamble that pushes her to her limit. He fucks the absolute hell out of her throat (this is a recurring theme) before dragging her around the bedroom and annihilating her pussy. The harder he fucks her, the more she begs him to fuck her harder — and the more intense he gets.

Alina Ali and Ramon Nomar:

There is a big-time 1970s vibe here as Ali sports platform heels, colorful bell bottoms, a fluffy white fur vest, and an all-natural afro. The musical accompaniment has a definite funk vibe, which bolsters the mood. A bearded Nomar, dressed in simple gray slacks and a black t-shirt, finds himself in a dungeon worshipping Ali’s gorgeous feet as she lounges on a makeshift swing (foot fans will love this quick bit). Before long, she’s got his dick in her mouth and is driving him crazy with her impressive oral skills. He rips her black stockings open to gain access to her holes and works her over in all manner of positions. The cowgirl in particular is fucking fire. The finish is downright dirty and pushes some boundaries that long-time Wicked fans might not expect.

This is a wonderful concept brought to life in expert fashion by Braun. Wicked could not have asked for a better showcase for what they bring to the Gamma table than “Glamcore.” This film is sleek, stylish and unapologetically sexual. The cast all embrace their stories with vigor (especially Tae and Gamble), and the fashion aspect of the film is almost as stimulating as the sex.

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