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Published: 6/28/2021


Mariska spends her days lounging in her secluded villa deep in the French countryside and her nights using young men to fulfill her sexual fantasies. When her daughter Clea comes to visit with her boyfriend Luke (Hardy) in tow, Mariska sees an opportunity to sample Clea’s taste in men. How will Clea react to her mother’s lascivious lifestyle? Can Luke resist Mariska’s brazen advances? And will the hedonistic aura of the heiress’s villa consume them all?

Herve Bodilis makes a triumphant return to the adult feature scene with “Betrayal.” Anchored by strong performances from Mariska X and Clea Gaultier, “Betrayal” is heavily enhanced by its beautiful location and impressive cinematography. Mariska and Clea carry the movie effectively as co-leads, while Luke Hardy does a good job in his supporting role. Mariska is easy to despise as a character, but it’s also hard not to get excited by her debauchery — which is pretty much the point of the story. She has no shame and fucks whomever she wants, oftentimes purposely choosing partners that will cause a stir among her social circle or family. She gets off on the excitement.

Our introduction to Mariska sees the matriarch carrying on a scandalous affair with a much younger Kristof Cale. After a phone call from Clea alerts Mariska that she won’t have her villa to herself in the upcoming week, she makes it clear that her fuck toy needs to handle her one last time before making himself scarce. Talk about a showcase for Mariska! The spectacular MILF owns this scene. Her body is on display from start to finish, and she oozes sex in a way that mesmerizes. Even when Cale is pounding her pussy furiously, Mariska is still the clear aggressor.

After a long day of traveling, a weary Clea and Luke have just enough energy for a sexual nightcap. Clea is such a goddess! Her curves are delicious, and her eyes capture the camera whether she’s looking at it or not. ...continued below

Watching Luke slowly penetrate Clea’s asshole is exquisite, and she lets him go to work on her tight ass to his heart’s content. All the while, Mariska listens just outside like an absolute slut.

A post-birthday party celebration sees Mariska and her friend Tiffany return to her villa with Ricky Mancini in tow for a raunchy three-way. Again, there’s a voyeuristic element to this scene that furthers the storyline, but the main attraction is clearly the sex. Tiffany Leiddi is one of my favorite European performers, and I love watching her work. Here, she is the perfect youthful compliment to Mariska’s experienced wantonness as she follows the older woman’s lead obediently. They take turns bringing Mancini to the brink with their pussies, and when they finally finish him, he damn near expires.

Things get serious when Mariska corners Hardy in the kitchen. A teasing blowjob gives way to a full-on fucking on the kitchen counter, against the wall, and on the floor. The most intense sexual moment in the movie is when Hardy lays Mariska face down on the floor and slams her pussy vigorously. Holy shit, does he use her — and wow, does she love it!

Things culminate with Clea finally having a threesome with her ex, Kristof Cale, and his new girlfriend, the stunning Ginebra Bellucci. This young woman is beautiful and should have a bright future in the business. Watching Bellucci and the succulent Clea let Cale ravage them passionately is the perfect way to end the movie, especially with the added weight of the established relationships between everyone involved.

As usual, Herve Bodilis delivers a good feature film that will keep fans who like story with their porn satisfied while still providing plenty of stroke-worthy sex. Clea Gaultier is a vision, and Mariska X is a siren in her own right. Those two women could have easily carried this film alone, but adding scrumptious tarts Leiddi and Bellucci to the mix elevates this film to a sexual smorgasbord.

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