Published: 6/24/2021


Nadine (Kristen Scott) is in a rut. Her dream job hasn’t panned out like she’d hoped, her social life is on life support, and her love life is DOA. With Thanksgiving looming and going home out of the question, she decides to spend the holiday weekend at a secluded cabin with her old friend Grace (Ravyn Alexa) and her friends Billie (Whitney Wright) and Austin (Michael Vegas). With the weight of the world suddenly off her shoulders, Nadine realizes that true love means accepting people for who they are. The question is, will she embrace that truth or will she stay shackled by her own fears and self-doubt?

Written by Casey Calvert and Mark Logan, “Grace” is a tale about coming to terms with one’s choices. The cast features industry veterans Vegas, Wright and Scott as well as industry newcomer Alexa in the titular role. Calvert and Logan pen a story that really takes its time developing the characters and plot, which makes for some very touching and impactful sex scenes. Seriously folks, “Grace” plays out like a mainstream series or movie, and feature fans are going to love it. Scott does a fantastic job (as she always does) of portraying a tortured soul looking for comfort in a world that feels hopeless and uncaring. There’s some legitimate pain in Nadine’s life, and it’s very clear she’s hiding it. That’s the whole hook of the movie; what’s really wrong with Nadine, and how will Grace help her?

Speaking of Grace, Alexa does a fantastic job. Her performance is full of heart and realism. She’s open to Nadine’s plight, but it’s clear she’s got her own demons as well.

The first sex of the film is a fun four-way spawned by a game of “never have I ever” around a campfire. I love that the sex here is illuminated mostly by the fire, as it creates some great shadows. I also like the lead into this scene. The group spends a good a ...continued below

mount of time on the game, which makes it very easy to view them as true friends who decide to fuck around by the romantic campfire in their secluded cabin in the woods. Vegas seems to really enjoy himself, smiling brightly no matter who he’s plowing. He takes a torrid turn with everyone, including an incredibly hot sequence where Scott rims him from behind while he fucks Wright from behind. Is this the hottest sexual moment I’ve seen in porn this year? Yes, yes it is.

The second sex scene is a passionate lesbian encounter between Nadine and Grace. After a heartfelt conversation, they rediscover the closeness they shared before Nadine moved away by embracing the sexual chemistry that’s always existed between them. This scene is so good. It’s a blend of playfulness and lust that feels both arousing and freeing. There are some moments when the ladies revel in the simple act of touching one another and others where they ravish each other into body-quaking orgasms. There are no acrobatic positions here; it’s just two women pleasuring each other until they’re satisfied, though I must highlight the beauty of Scott burying her face in Alexa’s snatch from behind.

The climactic conversation between Grace and Nadine is a striking reveal that’s going to hit home with a lot of viewers. I won’t spoil the ending, but I will say this is exactly the kind of porn feature fans crave. The emphasis on the story is clear from the moment the opening credits roll, and that emphasis makes the sex feel more connective. Alexa makes a case for a best actress award as she fills the screen with warmth whenever she’s on it. Vegas also blows his supporting role out of the water. The sex is fantastic (the four-way needs to be nominated) and feels perfectly sandwiched between the lengthy story.

Lust Cinema has another winner on their hands, and Calvert further positions herself as one of the best directors in the business today.

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