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Lesbian Massage Vol. 6

Published: 6/23/2021

Lesbian Massage Vol. 6

The kink of getting off to women who orgasm in gushing fashion combined with the allure of lusty lesbian love is the special of the day in this treat from the folks at Sweetheart Video, courtesy of veteran porn director Mike Quasar.

Aiden Ashley and Vanna Bardot:

When pushy client Vanna Bardot meets the frazzled Aiden Ashley for her appointment, the conversation turns to the financial viability of being a masseuse. Ashley reveals that she shoots adult content for the popular HornyFans app as a form of supplemental income. Intrigued, Bardot offers to shoot with Ashley if she’ll help her set up her own HornyFans account. Ashley is awesome. This woman drips sex, and watching her succumb to the pleasures of the flesh is one of the most arousing experiences a porn connoisseur can have. Bardot is quite the sex magnet herself; she oozes sensuality and is the perfect partner for Ashley in a setting as erotic as massage. The way they kiss each other is hot enough to ignite the air in a blaze of lust. Their 69 is a winning combination as well, and Mike Quasar captures all the action perfectly in his roving camera style.

Freya Parker and Lily Larimar:

Parker only needs to pass one more test to get her massage therapy certification, and she wants her roommate Larimar to let her practice on her. Larimar agrees reluctantly, but as the massage progresses, she finds herself uncontrollably aroused. The massage portion of this scene is really good. Parker spends a fair amount of time rubbing oil on Larimar’s surprisingly plump butt, and from there, the sexual mood just escalates. It turns out that Parker is great with her hands all around as she expertly fingers and licks Larimar into an orgasm coma more than once. Larimar favors using her tongue exclusively, flicking Parker’s clit like a speed bag in highly visual fashion.

Gizelle Blanco and Madi Laine:

After multiple bad experiences with male clients, Laine decides to work out of her home and only take female clie ...continued below

nts moving forward. Her best friend Blanco congratulates her on the next chapter of her career, then asks if she can be the first client in her new space. Laine is initially hesitant to get so intimate with her friend, but her concerns are assuaged by Blanco’s enthusiasm — and the young masseuse decides to put her friend on her table. Blanco is so into Laine. She seems resistant to taking her mouth off Laine’s pussy at all; whether she’s licking labia like ice cream, using her tongue like a dick to fuck her, or engulfing her whole pussy like a sucker fish, Blanco just can’t get enough of Laine’s cunt. Even when Laine tries to take her own turn on Blanco’s pretty pussy, it’s not long before Blanco turns the tables and pulls Laine onto her face again — which, by the way, is perhaps my favorite shot in the movie.

Aidra Fox and Whitney Wright:

After quitting her job as a barista, Wright decides to buy a massage table and become a home operating masseuse. Her roommate Fox is highly skeptical of the endeavor’s viability considering the fact that Wright has no experience, no plan to do any training aside from watching videos online — and most importantly, no clientele. Still, Wright’s determination is hard to ignore, and Fox eventually decides to let right on her, which leads to some sexual shenanigans. I could seriously watch these two lovely ladies kiss all day. The emotional connection behind their kisses is downright electric. Equally electric is the way Fox’s body lurches involuntarily as Wright inhales her pussy. It’s pleasure overload at its best.

Massage porn is insanely popular, and movies like this make it easy to see why. Watching two women rub each other’s bodies as a preamble to sex is prime fantasy territory. The pairings here are pretty great, and the stories (while admittedly light), do just enough to keep audiences interested beyond the amazing sex. I was most impressed by Parker and look forward to seeing more from her.

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