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In the Room: Watching My Girlfriend 5

Published: 6/21/2021

In the Room: Watching My Girlfriend 5

The popular voyeur series from Digital Sin and director Paul Woodcraft returns for its fifth installment. The premise behind the “In the Room” series is the idea that the audience is part of the scene because they are connected to one of the characters. When the sex starts, the audience is effectively “in the room” because the performers bring them in through narrative elements of the story.

Serena Santos and Michael Vegas:

This scene starts with a nervous Vegas talking to the audience, who is in the role of Santos’ partner. The premise is that we’ve suggested Vegas and Santos fuck each other while we watch, and Vegas is understandably nervous. For one, he’s never done anything like this — and for two, his ex-girlfriend is crazy and could make things uncomfortable for him if she found out. Still, the prospect of getting it on with the sweet, sultry Santos is too tempting for him to pass up. The fantasy works well here because not only does Santos keep up a dirty commentary directed at the audience, but the camera also shoots from the POV angle. Santos is wonderfully curvy, and she really knows how to open her body to sex. The way she gyrates on Vegas’ cock like a dancer on a pole is mesmerizing, and the fact that she leaves her panties on makes everything feel even more naughty.

Scarlit Scandal and Oliver Flynn:

Scandal is one of my favorite new performers in the industry; so, it was a real treat to see her as part of this cast. She starts her story out telling us how appreciative she is that we let her explore her sexual fantasies, unlike her ex. Tonight, she’s preparing to have some fun with a friend, confident because we always encourage her to embrace her sexuality. It’s all very fun and really works to create the fantasy that we’re in a relationship with this incredibly sexy woman — and we’re allowing her to be fittingly scandalous. Holy moly, folks, if you watch no other part of this scene, y ...continued below

ou have got to watch Scandal get railed in doggy while being fish-hooked with her own panties!

The other easy highlight is the rousing cowgirl, during which Scandal’s scrumptious rump rumbles on Flynn’s dick like a crashing tide on the shore. It’s no wonder Flynn finishes in that position, creaming Scandal’s pussy in the process!

Scarlett Mae and Robby Echo:

Here, we have the lovely Mae speaking to the audience about how much she loves fucking strangers because she knows how much it turns us on to watch. This is a gentler take on the cuck fantasy; the soothing music, coupled with Mae’s breathy voice, softens the cucking dynamic significantly. She looks fabulous in her tied top and short skirt, and watching Echo lick her pussy as she stands against the bay window is very alluring. Mae in reverse cowgirl is a dream come true, and she spends a lot of time wriggling on Echo’s dick in the revealing position. The doggie style finish feels like Echo just couldn’t hold himself back any longer and pounds himself to a satisfying finish in Mae’s waiting mouth.

Aften Opal and Van Wylde:

There is a fairly standard opening here, with Opal telling the audience how excited she is to fuck a stranger while we watch. And there’s a short solo tease with Opal’s burning desire and anticipation overpowering Wylde’s hesitation and trepidation, which opens the door for the sex. Opal keeps up her dirty talk from start to finish, and she constantly speaks to the camera to keep us excited and invested. There are even some JOI elements at work as Opal tells the audience to do things like “keep stroking your dick, baby” while she enthusiastically bounces on Wylde’s rock-hard cock.

POV scenes are all about audience immersion, and this series probably accomplishes that goal more than any other POV scene I’ve ever seen. The cast is strong, with Scandal and Mae elevating the film to lofty heights with their impressive performances.

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