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Off Duty Therapist

Published: 6/21/2021

Off Duty Therapist

In this highly enjoyable mixture of both feature and anthology from Private, an off-duty psychotherapist, played by the delectable Alyssa Reece, hears carnal confessions from various clients and friends at a cozy nighttime café. We start with Kristof Cale talking to Reece in the café (they’re our two main characters) about the heated tryst he recently had with a scintillating babe, Eveline Dellai, he met in the park.

At first, we see strangers, Cale and Dellai, sitting on a bench, secretly liking each other, with funny bubbles of text showing us what they’re thinking. “Every time I see this guy, I look like shit,” Dellai thinks. “He is soooo charming.” And from Cale: “She’s so fresh,” and “Oh man, I should have put on another shirt.” Entertaining stuff! And after Cale and Dellai finally look at each other, we quickly cut to an apartment wherein they’re ripping each other’s clothes off and getting it on upon a sofa.

Dellai gives nice, old-fashioned head, with plenty of eye contact. I love this spinner’s long, brown, silky hair. Such a tight little ass on her, too, which you get to relish during doggie — while you get to enjoy her little tits during missionary and reverse-cowgirl, Cale cumming inside her during the latter position, and the liquid love slowly dripping out in one thick flow. “Confidence is most important,” our female therapist Reece ultimately reminds Cale back at the café.

Next, Subil Arch tells Kristof a story about one of her patients, Joohn Syx, who confessed how, during his shift at the restaurant where he works, he wound up fucking the gorgeous Sharon White in the empty establishment, making for one fiery scene. White is just so damn pretty, especially with that long blonde hair. Like Dellai, she sucks dick in a less aggressive manner. And what an ass on this chick! Best in the movie! Round, luscious, bangable, perfect! You get to appreciate it during doggie and cowgirl. Also, there’s lots of kissing throughout, making the sc ...continued below

ne all the more passionate.

Back at the café, Arch (who works at the joint) joins Reece and Cale — with Arch telling her own story about how she fucked a guy, Totti Massive (how’s that for a modest name?) in her antique store, giving us yet another torrid tryst. After Arch gives Massive a non-aggressive BJ, we’re treated to standing doggie with Reece’s exceptional butt (meaty and bouncy) getting hammered for a fairly long time. Then, we get to dig Cale’s luscious thighs during missionary upon a desktop. Spoon is fantastic with that far-out fanny, our girl really moaning up a storm. And it’s eventually back to missionary after some dick-sucking, with Massive blowin’ his load all over Arch’s twat. Hot, messy stuff! Finally, when Cale lets them lock up the café at closing time, Reece and Cale get it on right there in the now-empty restaurant in one grand finale. Reece is more of a modern-day suck artiste, going deep and loud on Cale-cock, with her clothes still on. Cale soon lifts up her dress, exposing that fine Reece pussy and ass — at which point, she rides him.

Standing doggie against a table is next, with that Reece rump really rockin’, and lots of horny smiles directed back at Cale. Her top finally comes off to reveal small but tasty tits. Great legs on this beauty, too. Cale really slams it to her every which way, while we get to appreciate Reece’s unique-looking face during missionary — during which, Cale also manipulates her clit, making her near-breathless. How’s that for confidence, Ms. Off-Duty Therapist? Cale eventually dumps his load right inside her (yes!), with the whole scene made all the more provocative as it’s shot at night with atmospheric lighting.

This is a fun, frothy little feature, as several saucy stories make up its bawdy bulk. Thumbs up, by the way, to all of the ladies, especially White, Cale and Reece. And Private’s feature is excellent for couples, though the female talent here is so superb-looking and passionate that hardcore viewers will surely enjoy this one, too.

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